Conflicting scenarios emerge in Kristin Smart murder case

August 3, 2021

Paul Flores, photo by Tribune photographer David Middlecamp


During the first day of the preliminary hearing of Paul and Ruben Flores, prosecutors attempted to portray former Cal Poly freshman Kristin Smart as part of a close knit family while the defense attorneys painted a picture of a young woman in crisis who was thinking of leaving the country.

Paul Flores is accused of murdering Smart during an attempted rape in 1996 following a party they both attended in San Luis Obispo. Charged with accessory after the fact, Ruben Flores is suspected of helping his son dispose of Smart’s body, which prosecutors believe was buried under a deck at his home.

Ruben Flores, photo by Tribune photographer David Middlecamp

Prosecutors first called Denise Smart, who choked up when mentioning her daughter’s name, to the stand. Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle focused on questions about her family, with answers that made it appear unlikely the freshman would leave and never look back.

While Denise Smart testified to the upbeat mood of her daughter during the week she disappeared, that assertion became suspect during cross examination.

Robert Sanger, Paul Flores’ defense attorney, asked Denise Smart if she was aware her daughter — who called herself Roxie — was failing out of school, was pregnant, had told friends she was considering moving to Canada and keeping the baby, and was applying for jobs as a model. Aside from knowledge of her daughter’s unhappiness and academic problems at Cal Poly, Denise Smart said she knew little about her daughter’s social life.

Stan Smart, the freshman’s father, testified his daughter spoke of moving to Thailand, but said it was a only pipe dream.

In response to a motion from Jeffry Radding, the attorney for Susan Flores, Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen ruled she would not be called to testify after Susan Flores said she planned to invoke her right against self-incrimination.

Kristin Smart

At the end of the day, two witnesses who had attended the party also testified.

Kendra Koed told the court she had kissed Paul Flores at the party, before pushing him away. Koed described Kristin Smart as “highly intoxicated.” After Koed asked Kristin Smart if she could walk her home, Krisitn Smart declined the offer saying she was waiting for someone.

The preliminary hearing will determine if Paul Flores should be put on trial for murder. The hearing is expected to last up to three weeks.

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Wow WOW Wow….I always try to never say I told you so !!! I might say it inside my own Brain …But major major damage to SLO county DA case was dealt today .Scott Peterson …yes I stated Scott Peterson is being transported to SLO to testify at Mr. Flores prilimenary hearing .. It turns out Scott was at the same party that Miss Smart attended the night she disappeared and Scott and Miss Smart were friends … Scott was also one of the early suspects till SLO LE got tunnel vision and focused on the Flores family members like a train wreck. SLO LE and DA have been riding the Flores train to nowhere heading for a major lawsuit for destroying Flores families lives….A very sad coincidence to Scott Peterson’s wife which was also pregnant when she was killed …It has been stated in SLO court preceding that Miss Smart was also pregnant at the time of her diasppearence ….is Scott Peterson the father of both ?? Or is Paul the father if both …Did Scott have a mental derangement to where he did not want to be a father to a child or is both Scott and Paul innocent …who knows ? …SLO DA has a rough court road ahead in this very weak case against Flores….Gotham is in for a roller coaster trial


@AGDUDE Who is Murphy? Flores’ are full of themselves! Why?

Mitch C

I know this will go against the opinions of those heretofore posting; however, from what I’ve read about the case NO ONE can prove that Ms. Smart is dead and if she is when did she die, was it 5, 10 years ago? I realize that Mr. Floyd appears to be a low life and that Ms. Smart had her problems but I have yet to read that there is proof that Ms. Smart is dead and if she is that Mr. Floyd had anything to do with it. What i’ve read it appears the DA’s case is supposition, I hope that he has more than a poor crime novel case based upon a yet unwritten ending.


I have to agree. Is this case based upon evidence or supposition? If it is neither then why the need to distract the public about what facts may or may not exist? This was a major issue during the investigation decades ago. One has to wonder, if someone else is involved and is pushing this case to distract from other evidence or supposition that may lead to another suspect. Have LEA looked at other suspects, say a local member of the LEA who has a propensity for blondes and rough encounters? Hundreds of LEA have been prosecuted for committing violent crimes while on duty. Who was on duty that night, SLO PD, Cal Poly PD, SLO SD? End result, without evidence the County will be sued for malicious prosecution, libel, defamation, abuse of process and much more then County tax payers will pay and pay dearly.

I do like the Freudian slip about Mr. Floyd, too funny. He was there during that time period.