More than 10,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into SLO Creek

August 24, 2021


A blocked sewer line caused approximately 10,800 gallons of raw sewage to pour out through a storm drain at the Silver City Mobile Home Park on South Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo on Monday.

The sewage leaked into San Luis Obispo Creek near Los Osos Valley Road and Higuera Street. The SLO County Public Health Department is asking people to avoid contact with the creek  in the area.

City workers assisted mobile home park personnel in clearing the blockage, which stopped the sewage release. Park personnel is responsible for maintaining the sewer system at the park.


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A 10,000 Gal sewage spill isn’t that much, maybe two truck loads.

It dissipates pretty fast!

The homeless population probably dumps more than that into the creek every month:(

I don’t think they’ve done a study or testing see how much homeless waste actually ends up in the creek!

You don’t want sewage running into the creek, but sh_t happens!!!

Jorge Estrada

The Regional Water Quality Control Board routinely fines the City of SLO for their failure to meet certain test standards. I’m bracing for the Homeless to get representation and get funded too for the City’s contamination of their life line. Yes, a big fat check for those who have been allowed and depend on a natural water course for their livelihood. A raw sewage spill is a negligent contribution to a natural water course yet routinely and sadly happens when there is a common sewer system.


The flooding is probably because of your excessive courtesy flushes.


No big deal, I’m sure there is plenty of raw sewage being dumped in the creek daily from slo’s downtown “residents” anyway.