Paso Robles school board votes against critical race theory

August 12, 2021


The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District board on a 4-3 vote Tuesday adopted a resolution banning the teaching of certain aspects of critical race theory.

In June, Trustee Dorian Baker proposed a resolution banning critical race theory (CRT). Board President Christopher Arend then penned a resolution banning parts of CRT.

As adopted, Arend’s resolution allows critical race theory to be taught in district classrooms, but requires instructors to focus on its flaws. Additionally, the resolution bans teaching ideas including, only white people can be racist; racism is ordinary in society; the founding of the United States was rooted in slavery; and members of a certain race created meritocracy to oppress members of another race.

CRT is based on false assumptions about the United States and is a divisive ideology that assigns racial guilt, according to the resolution.

Even though CRT is not currently taught in Paso Robles public schools, Arend expressed concern about elements of it seeping into the classroom.

Though three trustees took issue with the makeup of the resolution and voted against it, all board members have said they oppose instructors teaching critical race theory. In June, the board delayed voting on the resolution amid disagreements on the matter.

Numerous residents spoke either for or against teaching critical race theory during the June meeting. The district allowed a shorter public comment period during Tuesday’s meeting.

Proponents of the ban referred to CRT as divisive and racist. They voiced concerns that CRT is used to indoctrinate students.

Opponents of the ban argued that CRT shows how racism is rooted in American culture. They have also argued that the attempt to ban CRT is part of a conservative political agenda.

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“Additionally, the resolution bans teaching ideas including, …..the founding of the United States was rooted in slave.”

Are they going to redact the Constitutions with a sharpie and remove the 3/5th’s compromise? Art.1 Sec 2. Clause 3?

The North was not as concerned with abolition at the time of our founding, but more so it was TAX collection for Property – otherwise known as slaves. More Money.

The South was not going to pay property tax for slaves unless they were counted as 3/5ths a person for Census purposes. The net result at the time was 1/3 more seats in Congress. More Power.

The voters? Land owners.

Acknowledging that this Clause in our constitution exists – was a mistake – and later effectively removed, would help our kids understand that our Constitution is something to be proud of and our Country can grow into a more perfect Union.

Defending it with meaningless “Bans” and ignoring history teaches very little while saying so much.

Since you seem to only want to use a randomly quoted bit of history that upholds your silly retort, you may want to research the 13th Amendment…..which is exactly what amendments to the Constitution are for (by the way, passed by near total party vote by Republicans in both houses…twice).

The Dred Scott decision, was partly responsible for the founding of the Republican party. The abolition of slavery, was the other. Seems, democrats and slave owning states were willing to go to war, in order to keep black people in chains, non-citizens, and remain 3/5 of a person. The new Right Wing of American politics, then and especially now, wanted them 100% free citizens.

Actual history, not some drug addled dream of an avowed Marxist, has always proven this true. CRT wants to teach impressionable children, that EVERY WHITE PERSON EVER LIVED, hates any other race of people, and for any other race to hate white people.

School is for teaching Math , Science, Reading, Vocabulary, History, and acquiring Social Skills, and no other purpose. All else should be taught by the parents. This, is why we object to CRT in our schools.

Article 1 Sec. 2 Clause 3 is not a “random” quote.

You helped make my point about the Constitution and our Country’s ability to improve itself.

Yet you can’t acknowledge that in original form our Constitution, “systematically” codified racism in the form of Slavery. Acknowledging that truth is not a call to hate anything or anyone. That is your creation.

Honestly, your worries about CRT are painfully comical.

At the time of writing, slavery was legal nearly the world over (doesn’t make it right, just pointing out), and England was responsible for establishing and increasing the slave trade in the Colonies. Many would even say, that just prior to the shots fired at Concord Green, even the white Colonists were also slaves to the British monarchy.

Almost immediately after ratification (which kept A1S2C3 so the southern states would agree to sign), the remaining Founding Fathers who weren’t killed during the war, and who cared about humanity, set about to make slavery against the law in America, starting with outlawing importation of slaves by 1808 (non-democrats held the majority in both houses…), and all the Northern states outlawed slavery before 1804.

The only ones pursuing the institution of slavery to remain as part of American industry, were Northern and Southern democrats, and those who we would label “socialist” today.

Yes, the original Constitution does indeed say what you wrote. However, as I have pointed out, the 13th Amendment NULLIFIES the A1S2C3 law (same as the 21stA nullified the 18thA. But you can still blame the 18thA, for 3.2 beer).

Wanna know something funny, and goes against all the CRT crap? The Emancipation Proclamation did not apply to the Indian (native american) tribes, who’s population in the native territories, was 14%….black slaves! Even though the white people voted overwhelmingly to abolish all slavery, and make citizens of free blacks in 1865, it took another year to convince the southern “civilized tribes” to give up their slaves, and agree to the Constitutional law.

So, keep spouting the A1S2C3 means anything today. It doesn’t.

How about teaching your children critical thinking skills so you don’t have to worry about them somehow being brainwashed by some crazy theory they learn about in school? Because, trust me, if it’s not some radical teacher exposing them to crazy theories, it could be other children, their parents, facebook, tiktok, shows on television, cult leaders, etc that will expose them to those ideas. The best defense is not trying to hopelessly shelter them from all these things but rather to train them to identify and ignore BS theories, ideas, and concepts that come their way.

Excellent points, we are all being exposed to ‘crazy’ and need to hone the skills to critically evaluate.

Wait, a minute…

You’re telling me an all-white school-board wants to ban Critical Race Theory?

The same school-board, headed by the guy who authored such divisive masterpieces as “The myth of systemic racism” here on CCN:

The same school-board who doesn’t provide translation services at the board meetings for their Spanish-speaking constituents?

*surprised face*

They should add translation services. In the 2020 Census, Hispanics became the largest racial or ethnic group, 39.4%, while the share of white people was 34.7% in California. We are multiracial.

Exactly what is Critical Race Theory? Is it even being taught, or has it ever been taught, in Paso Robles public schools?

Funny how simply asking the legitimate question of if its actually being taught or not gets a ton of downvotes by the trolls here.

The fact is this article admits it is not being taught, but there is a vague reference to concerns about it “seeping in” with no concrete example of that happening.

This is obviously a cheap political stunt that will change absolutely nothing that is being taught in Paso schools. Ironically, this measure is just drawing more attention to CRT, and I guarantee that students that had no idea what the heck CRT was are now looking up details online to learn all about this evil forbidden theory that they aren’t allowed to be taught. If they wanted to stop students from ever knowing what CRT is, this futile measure will have exactly the opposite effect.

“Streisand effect” on full display.

For those of you upset by this vote, why don’t you teach this crap to your own kids? Why do you need the public schools to teach it for you? Teaching history as it happened is one thing, but pretending like we are still living in the past is absurd!

Teach all of our children how to succeed in life…not who to blame if they don’t….

It would help for everybody to actually STUDY the Founding, with nothing left out.

Common sense and parental pressure prevails and all of the liberal snowflake tears are just an added bonus.

Righteous anger at leftist school boards will be the primary driver of GOP voters to the polls in 2022. Dems should fear the implications of this upballot.

Is THAT the reason for this? Interesting political move that may backfire.