Santa Barbara County resumes mask mandate

August 6, 2021


Santa Barbara County is bringing back its mask mandate amid a surge in Covid-19 cases because of the highly contagious delta variant.

Starting Friday at 5 p.m., people 2 years old and above will be required to wear face coverings in public indoor settings — even if they’re vaccinated. The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is also recommending people wear masks at outside events with large crowds.

“Please play your part in wearing a mask in public, indoor settings and avoid crowded, outdoor events,” said Dr. Henning Ansorg, Santa Barbara County’s public health officer. “We will review this health officer order and guide it by case rate, vaccination rate, and hospitalization rate and capacity.”

After dropping to less than two cases per 100,000 residents in late May, Santa Barbara County is currently averaging 12.9 cases a day per 100,000 residents.

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If being vaccinated means you don’t need to worry about Covid, then the mask mandate is to protect who? People who won’t get vaccinated.

Makes no sense why I have to wear a mask to protect antivaxers. They’ve made their choice.

It’s time to let natural selection sort out the dotards.

While annoyed at a dwindling faction of anti-vaxers, and their media enablers (think Fox), I certainly don’t want them to suffer Covid hospitalization or want them to die.

But time is up!, for these few anti-vaxers that are keeping this pandemic raging.

Masks make people touch their face…common sense tells us that’s not a good thing….

I guess you know far more than surgeons and other medical professionals who have worn them for decades.

Sure glad you in denial, Trump worshipping, anti-vaxers protected your freeDUM.

Why do you assume its Trump voters that are not getting the vaccine?…from what I can tell its a blue city southern state problem…maybe so many prominent democrats like Biden and even Cuomo shouldn’t have used the vaccine while it was going through testing to scare people away from it…calling it the Trump vaccine….politicizing it…..

REally, what kind of news feed are you ON?

How does the PCR test know it’s the delta variant?

Health tyranny is still tyranny…

Hysterical Hyperbole much?

The tranny of the stop light.. The tranny os seat belt laws. The tranny of fish catching limits. The tranny of the speed limit. The tranny of DUI enforcement. The tyranny of weed abatement. The tranny of fire code enforcement. It is overwhelming

It is everywhere. I am surprised one can even leave their house knowing the heavy hand of government abounds.

It is just awful. LOL

You can take my weed whacker when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Next up; helmets while driving! Sure would save a lot of lives…

They are for motorcyclists, as are seat belts, air bags, and vehicle safety engineering.

As mazin said, vehicles have seat belts, air bags, and safety engineering.

Yeah!! What’s next!? Speed limits???

Are we trying to prevent deaths or prevent people from getting sick?….people have always gotten sick and we never pushed a mask mandate on the people…from what I can gleam from the noise from the CDC is that the delta virus is not as deadly as its predecessor…so what is this?….are we going to do this for the flu too?….

COVID-19 is the third largest mass death event in US history, 638,000 and counting. And yes we are trying to prevent deaths and prevent people from getting sick. Finally there have been mask mandates in the past, during the 1918 flu PANDEMIC when 675,000 Americans died.

In many other countries, mask wearing if you are contagious is common courtesy.

I hate to tell you; this strain may be equally deadly to the original but it re-transmits itself at a rate that is 100 times greater than the original will be more deadly to a population—not an individual.. It is simple math.

When you gleam —you reflect, sometimes it is ignorance. If you glean you take in information and synthesize the data to useful conclusion. I’d quit paying attention to shiny objects.

Wearing a mask, especially these common cheezy Chinese models, to prevent Covid transmission is equivalent to using a chain link fence to keep the mosquitos out of your house.

Not true. Masks help you from spreading respiratory droplets which could be carrying covid19, and also help you from breathing them in. KPRL needs to stop with the “chain link fence” analogy.

The last mask mandate lasted just over a year. It’s impossible to predict if this will last just as long, or longer, or if it’ll turn into intermittent waves of masks-on/masks-off. Either way, I miss 2019….