44 candidates vying for the SLO County Clerk-recorder position

September 17, 2021


A five-person committee selected by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is currently whittling down the 44 applicants for the clerk-recorder position to seven. The supervisors will then choose the winning candidate to serve through 2022.

After a rocky five years in office, former clerk-recorder Tommy Gong resigned in July. Instead of appointing interim clerk-recorder Helen Nolan to head the department, the supervisors opened up the position to applicants.

For selection committee assignments, Supervisor John Peschong selected his  legislative aide Vicki Janssen, Supervisor Bruce Gibson choose former San Luis Obispo city clerk Lee Price, Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg choose former San Luis Obispo city manager Ken Hampian, Supervisor Lynn Compton selected attorney Chuck Bell, and Supervisor Debbie Arnold choose former Atascadero city clerk Marcia Torgerson.

Nolan has applied for the job, as have several others with experience as an employee of a clerk recorders office.

San Luis Obispo based attorney Stew Jenkins, an election law attorney, is the only applicant who has registered and announced his candidacy for clerk recorder in the upcoming election.

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It appears that Helen Nolan demonstrated that she is competent in the administration of elections. My suggestion is that the selection committee interview the managers of Title Companies to ascertain how she fulfills the other portion of her department’s duties. If there is agreement on her performance then the job should be hers

No one that’s in bed Gibson!

How about reducing the salary and benefits of the Clerk Recorder position? EVERYBODY talks the talk about smaller, less expensive gov’t but no one walks the walk.


i just finished volunteering in this election. My interaction and communication with Helen Nolan was second to none. She would be an excellent choice

My problem with Helen Nolan is that I am tired of out-of-county people taking control of San Luis Obispo county government. She only moved here from Mono County in June 2020, and has never voted in an election for any San Luis Obispo County Office. While an on-line degree from the for profit “University” of Phoenix may be impressive in one of the smallest backwater counties in the State (Mono is 54th of 58 counties in population), it does not give me confidence in her ability to meet the needs of the people of this dynamic County.

They need to make sure that these candidates are not trumpies who believe the election was rigged

well bad news for you Stew Jenkins, who will run for the job , next year, is Lyn Compton lawyer.This guy is a political cameleon,

Or , make sure they are not part of the blame America first, BLM/Antifa fascists.

Antifa fascists? Antifa is against fascism you know hitler types. No wonder the far right is anti antifa.

Take a look at all their social media and if they are whining about trumps big lie of election fraud then move on to the next candidate.