California teacher out after supporting Antifa ideologies

September 3, 2021


A California high school teacher who openly supported the Antifa movement, and incentivized his students to participate in some of its activism, has been placed on administrative leave and will be fired, according to the district he works for.

Gabriel Gipe taught advanced placement government at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, part of the Natomas Unified School District. Gipe became thrust into the local and national spotlight after Project Veritas, a conservative advocacy journalism group, recently published a video in which an undercover reporter spoke with teacher about his views and approach to teaching.

“I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” Gipe said about his students during the video.

The AP government teacher said he accomplishes that by “scaring the f*ck out of them.”


On his classroom wall, Gipe had an Antifa flag and a Mao Zedong poster. He also used stamps with images of Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un and others to mark students’ work as complete, according to the Natomas Unified School District.

Gipe posts a calendar every week with political events connected to the Antifa movement and other activist circles that students can get extra credit for attending, he said in the Project Veritas video. The teacher has had students show up for protests, community events, tabling and food distribution. Students must go to the events, take photos and then write a reflection in order to receive extra credit, Gipe said.

Additionally, the government teacher requires students to take an ideology quiz revealing where they lie on a political spectrum. Then, students must give Gipe photos of themselves, and the teacher places them on a class wall, aligned left to right based on political views, he said.

“Every year, they get further and further left,” Gipe said.

Gipe also said there are three other teachers in his school department who are on the same page as him.

Following the release of the Project Veritas video, Natomas Unified officials conducted an investigation into the practices of Gipe. Officials found Gipe violated district guidelines in several ways, Superintendent Chris Evans stated in a letter to the school district community.

One such guideline states, “You may not use the authority of an office or employment to encourage or discourage political activity by any other person.”

The district also found Gipe violated guidelines over advocating for or against a ballot measure, conducting political campaign activity during work hours and using district resources for political campaign activity.

In his letter, Evans acknowledged some students supported Gipe’s conduct, while others did not.

“There are a number of students and former students that are expressing support for the teacher on social media,” Evans wrote. “By taking the extra time, we have also been able to listen to students who have shared discomfort about his shared politics. Some students have shared that the teacher has stated he believes students will move to the left as a result of his class. That is unacceptable. Students are the ones caught in the middle of this. To those who have felt uncomfortable at any time in the past 3 years, we apologize.”

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Extremism on both sides need to go


Where’s the outrage of McCarthy threatening businesses for complying with a legal subpoena or cawthorn threatening to take up arms against Americans?


What’s the problem? Isn’t this all public education? As much as we’d like, we can’t fire them all.


The problem is everything he is doing. He is not educating, he is pushing a political socialist agenda. Teachers should provide facts and encourage individualistic thinking. If any training is taking place in the classroom it’s training to critically think and come to your own educated answers. There is so much wrong with what this guy is doing, you would have to be uneducated not to see it.


Good, somebody needs to encourage young people to be activists.Not sure i agree with his methods, not enough infos to judge .In some school, teachers encourage prayers and bible reading. The differences are that antifa never kiled anybody. Religion killed millions.


Wow! There’s a big difference between encouraging and indoctrinating as a teacher. Teacher’s should not encourage violent activist. They are to teach and educate students in math, basic grammar, economics, true science and social studies without political bias. Is that to much to ask as a parent and taxpayer? They as teacher’s need to be held accountable for the words and actions in the class room. They should be held to some standards of decency. What’s wrong with camera’s and audio in classrooms? What are they afraid of? What this idiot was caught doing by promoting violence and indoctrinating?

Your right. The most persecuted and killed every year worldwide are Christians. There are many reports coming out of Afghanistan now of Christians being rounded up and put to death. Unfortunately the main stream media isn’t reporting it. There are several Christian organizations working to save those still in Afghanistan. That’s happening in many nations including China, North Korea and many other countries that are controlled by the Muslim/Islamic religions.

I question your statement that Antifa has never killed anybody. They have definitely injured and maimed thousands over the last fives years not to mentions the millions of dollars in destruction. There’s plenty there to judge. Just expand your mind a little.


I think you meant “You’re right.” but while we are speaking of corrections, if you look at the last decade of politically motivated plots and attacks in the US, these statistics emerge:

21 Victims killed in left-wing violence since 2010

95 Victims killed in jihadist attacks since 2010

117 Victims killed in right-wing violence since 2010

According to the FBI, the most significant domestic terrorism threat comes from white supremacists, anti-government militias and a handful of individuals associated with the ‘boogaloo’ movement that are attempting to create a civil war in the United States.


Antifa, just shot a another man yesterday. Antifa, shot 3 people in the so-called autonomous zone in Portland, where peace and love and puppies all came together as one….or something.

Sept 09, 2020: “..officers swooped in on the self-proclaimed anti-fascist to arrest him after he was charged with the murder of right-wing activist Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, 39, during a protest in downtown Portland on August 29.” Notice the date is long after “CHOP” was disbanded.

Now, try to convince us otherwise.

Jon Tatro

The people who hired this scumbag should be fired too.


Child abuse!


Did anyone watch the video? He is brainwashing children.


While this guy clearly crossed the line, it makes me laugh that people have a problem with his assertion that the students would shift left. Facts skew left, truth skews left, reality skews left, science skews left. So for the kids paying attention n school, they are surely going to shift left. It’s also why, at an aggregate level the population tends to move left the higher the education level. Clearly not all, I know some genius level people who are conservative (although not currently supportive of the trump platform, that’s not really conservativism), but overall this is true. Sorry folks, more truth and reality… but I don’t expect all of you to believe this either.


Higher education moves people left because our education system is chock full of loonies like this guy. Try expressing a conservative viewpoint and the students and their commie profs go into emotional meltdown. No facts, no logic, just tantrums. When opposing viewpoints are not allowed, it’s indoctrination not education.


CPSloStudent it’s amazing to me how you overcame indoctrination in your higher education. Considering how much of the education curriculum in K-12 is influenced from conservative values, I’m not sure your argument is valid. Do you have kids? Have you ever reviewed the sex ed curriculum and what the federal government mandates it taught or not taught regarding HIV? Our conservative, Puritan past still permeate public education and it does a disservice to our kids. And I’ve never been in a class in my life when an opposing viewpoint wasn’t allowed. But I’ve been in plenty where you better be able to back your shit up and can’t drop a random anonymous comment and run.

Jon Tatro

Just for information Steve, facts are facts, truth is truth and science is science it’s when idiots try “skewing” it to fit their agenda do they no longer become facts, truth or science.


Jon, you are absolutely correct. I couldn’t agree more. The radical right has pulled themselves so far from facts, truth and science that it “appears” to skew left. Thanks for making my point.


Perfectly describes trump and his followers

George Garrigues

Hmm. What does a Sacramento story have to do with the Central California Coast? Perhaps the editor can shed some light as to why this story is here. Thanks in advance if so.

Adam Trask

Obvious clickbait to get the bat-shit crazy right wingers all fired up. I don’t remember seeing this story on CCN:


This is bigger than just one city. Watch the video, this guy thinks he can “scare the f@$& out of” children to push his socialist agenda on society. using tax payer money!!


This sort of political indoctrination by teachers is pervasive in far too many government schools, including those in San Luis Obispo County.


Because this guy is a nutball and most likely there are more like him, we the taxpayer need to be made aware of these wack jobs and remove them from positions like he has.