California teacher out after supporting Antifa ideologies

September 3, 2021


A California high school teacher who openly supported the Antifa movement, and incentivized his students to participate in some of its activism, has been placed on administrative leave and will be fired, according to the district he works for.

Gabriel Gipe taught advanced placement government at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, part of the Natomas Unified School District. Gipe became thrust into the local and national spotlight after Project Veritas, a conservative advocacy journalism group, recently published a video in which an undercover reporter spoke with teacher about his views and approach to teaching.

“I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” Gipe said about his students during the video.

The AP government teacher said he accomplishes that by “scaring the f*ck out of them.”


On his classroom wall, Gipe had an Antifa flag and a Mao Zedong poster. He also used stamps with images of Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un and others to mark students’ work as complete, according to the Natomas Unified School District.

Gipe posts a calendar every week with political events connected to the Antifa movement and other activist circles that students can get extra credit for attending, he said in the Project Veritas video. The teacher has had students show up for protests, community events, tabling and food distribution. Students must go to the events, take photos and then write a reflection in order to receive extra credit, Gipe said.

Additionally, the government teacher requires students to take an ideology quiz revealing where they lie on a political spectrum. Then, students must give Gipe photos of themselves, and the teacher places them on a class wall, aligned left to right based on political views, he said.

“Every year, they get further and further left,” Gipe said.

Gipe also said there are three other teachers in his school department who are on the same page as him.

Following the release of the Project Veritas video, Natomas Unified officials conducted an investigation into the practices of Gipe. Officials found Gipe violated district guidelines in several ways, Superintendent Chris Evans stated in a letter to the school district community.

One such guideline states, “You may not use the authority of an office or employment to encourage or discourage political activity by any other person.”

The district also found Gipe violated guidelines over advocating for or against a ballot measure, conducting political campaign activity during work hours and using district resources for political campaign activity.

In his letter, Evans acknowledged some students supported Gipe’s conduct, while others did not.

“There are a number of students and former students that are expressing support for the teacher on social media,” Evans wrote. “By taking the extra time, we have also been able to listen to students who have shared discomfort about his shared politics. Some students have shared that the teacher has stated he believes students will move to the left as a result of his class. That is unacceptable. Students are the ones caught in the middle of this. To those who have felt uncomfortable at any time in the past 3 years, we apologize.”

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I apologize but what a narcissist… No wonder the government run schools are circling the drain. Doesn’t matter if you can read, do math, get a basic understanding of science and history along with some art and music…no no, we need to be forced to listen to someones dimented ideology…and hey, come out knowing how to throw rocks and break windows. They’ll fight to the death against vouchers cuz a lot of the government schools would empty out…and who would the wanna be Castros share their kool aid with???


Everyone wants cops to have body cams…we have cameras everywhere…the place we need them most is in the classroom….


Good deal. Fire his ass. No room for Antifa terrorist and insurgent members teaching our children. Please expose all of them at every education level, and put them on a slow boat to China. Make sure they take Heidi Harmon with them so she can be China’s climate goon. I’m sure they’ll fit in perfectly.


With the China reference are you suggesting that being anti-fascist is equivalent to pro-communist?


Many, if not all who support Antifa or BLM, are Socialist, Marxist, or Communist. Look no further than this teachers poster’s, statements and blatant actions as a fascist. You can deflect, defend, or deny in any way you want to identify these insurgent terrorist groups, but it doesn’t changes the facts that they are the actual fascist. You can reference that any way you want.


yeah most Antifascists are pro-communist, where the hell have you been?


I’m sure you must also think the radical right wing terrorists and insurrectionists that stormed the Capital on Jan 6th should also be fired? Goes both ways.


I believe many were fired, mocked, arrested and being prosecuted, attacked by the liberal media, attacked by left and right wing politicians, banned from social media and more.

This articles has nothing to do with January 6th. What’s your point? Do you defend and support this teacher’s insurgent actions? Do you support and defend the terrorist actions of ANTIFA, BLM, and all of the threats, deaths, and millions of dollars of destruction they have caused across this nation the last five years?


Yes, if they were teachers who abused their position and authority as Gabriel Gipe did. Teachers must dispense knowledge not propaganda. They are supposed to teach how to think, not what to think.

There were no insurrectionists or terrorists at the Capitol on January 6th.


Florian75 how far would I get with you if I said there were no insurgents or terrorists in Antifa or BLM? Take your nonsense somewhere else.


Wonderful! Only 200,000 more to go!


Antifa members & supporters are anti American and have no business teaching our children.

My taxes should NEVER support anyone who is anti American. Another man without a country kick him out of ours.


Antifa = Anti-Fascist

Are you suggesting that America is fascist?


Of course, you must know that the name was designed to confuse and obfuscate. Antifools…sorry…antifa is the epitome of actual fascism, who’s adherents adore disallowing free speech, private business, free travel, and non-fascist governments, while using destruction, threats, and murder to advance their political policy. They think they’re wanting anarchy, but only doing exactly what useful idiots have done for over a century, that has resulted in over 100 million dead people around the world.

But you knew that, right? Because how could anyone, at any level of sanity and critical thought, believe that these violently ignorant children have any intelligence outside of what they have been brainwashed with, from “educators” like this communist scum “teacher”?

fat chance

Good riddance!


One down, so many more to go:(


Some good news in California education for a change. I’m actually shocked.


Don’t celebrate just yet, if the teachers union gets involved they will just call their buddy Gov Newsom tell him what they want and Newsom will again do what the union tells him.

roy in nipomo

“One swallow does not make Spring.”

I suspect there are many more like him, but more discrete in their actions and less forthcoming in their conversations with outsiders.


Yikes! My history teacher always did a great job presenting both sides to an argument. I had no idea what his politics were. This is a great lesson for parents. Pay attention and get involved in your child’s education.