SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon quits early, demeans critics

September 22, 2021

Former SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon


San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon posted multiple rants on Instagram Tuesday evening announcing she would be quitting five days early and calling criticism of her leadership “crap.”

Amid allegations she took gifts from marijuana businessman Helios Dayspring, Harmon announced in late August her plan to resign on Sept 26, in order to take a job with a nonprofit. Then yesterday, she announced it would be her last day as mayor.

“Everyone wants to feel that dopamine hit of shitting on other people,” Harmon said in an Instagram video. “I am sharing this tonight because I am going to block y’all tomorrow, and you deserve it, and I cannot wait.”

Harmon made three videos before Tuesday night’s SLO City Council meeting, with wardrobe changes in each, though her earrings remained the same.

In several posts, Harmon calls out two people who made sexist comments about her a few years ago.

“One last thing before I go, or actually before you go trolls, what has been happening on this page is completely unacceptable,” Harmon says in another video she posted Tuesday. “It is very important that we create healthy boundaries for ourselves, which I am very, very looking forward to doing at 12:01 a.m tomorrow morning.”

Harmon began blocking some members of the media from seeing her HeidiisMighty Instagram page Tuesday morning, and also deleting critical comments.

After starting the SLO City Council meeting, Harmon said she wanted to lead the Pledge of Allegiance after learning it was written by a socialist. She then change the words, taking out “under God” and inserting “under it all,” while mispronouncing other words.


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Ten years from now she’ll be laying on the couch/bed of her studio apartment in Emeryville, cozying up to a box of cheap blush wine after a long hard day as some sort of part-time activist. She’ll still bitter about her time in SLO…


What a complete waste of oxygen. She and the crap leaders at City hall should all be fired for what they have done and continue to do.


How could anyone ever have taken her as a serious leader? Dysfunctional, narcissistic, hateful, really profoundly visible personal issues. Go get some professional help! It will only get worse if you dont.


Go waste some taxpayer money while global warming or global change or whatever still exists and not a dent to any of your environmental concerns. Keep those ADU’s coming so more water waste can occur and more college kids whose rich parents can pay the bills can fill the county. Us poor, blue collar folk can keep eating sh%t and going broke as we try to keep up with the rent, food,

gas… progressives are so good at what you do!

kevin rise

Next up is the entire BOS, Fartkinson and Cunning Ham I hope.


Not even close to being comparable. Try again.


Great speech Heidi! Yes you are inspiring a LOT of people. I like what you are saying about the keyboard cowards; a small group, with no vision, and no desire to help.However majority always win, so let go forwards .God speed !


Are you being sarcastic?


From a nobody, to a political nobody, back to a nobody. Good bye good riddance. Never return. Hopefully you’ll never be heard from again.


I tell you without a doubt, that this person is out there. Her rants are a telling sign of her mental instability. To do what she did at the city council meeting is total insanity. It’s scary obvious she is not capable of any position that she has held or any she’ll be moving into. I have never cared for her or her political nonsense, but she needs some serious mental help. Her family or close friends need to step in before she ends up like her supervisor friend. The walls are closing in. I look forward to moving on from these unstable actions by her over the last four years. Strange, ugly and sad to say the least.


Such thin skin.