DUI driver crashes through fence at Chevron in SLO

October 19, 2021


An allegedly intoxicated driver slammed into a dumpster and a chain link fence at a San Luis Obispo gas station Monday night.

The individual was driving a black Chevrolet sports car near the Chevron station on Monterey Street. The driver attempted a turn, lost control of the car, hit the dumpster and slammed into the chain link fence behind the gas station, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Officers arrested the driver for felony driving under the influence of alcohol. Firefighters also came out to the scene.

“Please, do not drink and drive,” police said.


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Thanks fence! Excellent job at preventing potential injury of innocents or further property damage.


Everybody knows you can’t get away with crashing your car drunk in this county unless you’re a cop.