Here’s how much rain fell across SLO County in the past 24 hours

October 25, 2021


An atmospheric river stormed across San Luis Obispo County on Sunday and early Monday, launching this years rainy season.

San Luis Obispo County released rain totals for the past 24 hours. Rocky Butte in northern SLO County leads with 5.16 inches, with eastern Nipomo at the low end with .39 of an inch of rain.

SLO County 24-hour rain totals:

Rocky Butte – 5.16 inches

Camp San Luis – 3.7 inches

East of Highway 101 on the Cuesta Grade – 3.35 inches

Highway 41 between Atascadero and Morro Bay – 3.19 inches

Lopez Lake – 2.76 inches

Los Osos 2.64 inches

Morro Bay – 2.29 inches

Santa Margarita – 2.29 inches

San Luis Obispo – 2.21 inches

Cambria – 2.01 inches

Arroyo Grande – 1.91 inches

Atascadero – 1.62 inches

San Simeon – 1.62

Oceano – 1.54 inches

Creston – 1.54 inches

Shandon – 1.1 inches

Eastern Nipomo – .39 of an inch


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Better calling it “Atmospheric River” than “Bomb Cyclone” — language has been dumbed down to the commonest slang already!


A great start to our rain season. In a perfect world, let this storm soak in, and then follow it up with continued storms in a week or two. It would be nice to get soaking rains in the fall. Then come January, February, and March, our wetter months, there will be watershed runoff to fill our water sources along with the ground water basins being recharged. Keep praying for continued rainfall.


The total for Nipomo East in wrong. Apparently the guage is not operating correctly. My guage not far from there registered 1.75 inches. The county is notorius for not maintaining these guages and still hasn’t listed the totals for the 2019-2020 water year.


I agree – I live in Nipomo over by the park, and we had 2 inches in our rain gauge.


It’s the same in Atascadero. The “official” rainfall reading comes from the Atascadero Mutual Water Company yard on the far eastside of the city which recorded 1.62″ from this storm. Just a couple miles to the west near the lake multiple residents recorded over 3.00″. Many other’s I know in town including family, recorded 2.5″- 3.00″ mostly on the west side of town. The official forecast amount was to be between 1-3” proved to be accurate in the end. No matter what the amount, it was all beneficial to our parched landscape.