Storm leaves thousands without power in SLO County

October 25, 2021


Thousands of San Luis Obispo County residents are starting their Monday morning in the dark. A strong storm system with heavy winds has knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the county.

Early morning outages included 5,256 PG&E customers from Santa Margarita to Templeton, 2,362 costumers from Lake Nacimiento to Shandon, 101 customers in Nipomo and 1,042 customers in Avila Beach. PG&E quickly restored power for many of those residents, while others lost power.

Currently, 1,903 PG&E customers in the Pismo Beach area, 1,438 north of Paso Robles, 132 east of Pozo, 113 in Creston and 101 in Nipomo are without power. Another 25 smaller outages are impacting several hundred residents.

The storm blew down from the Gulf of Alaska bringing 20 to 30 mph winds with gusts of up to 60 mph to SLO County, according to the National Weather Service. The wind advisory is set to expire at noon on Monday.


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PG&E’s power grid in SLO is starting to resemble a third world country with the constant blackouts. Time to ditch PG&E and replace them with a proper power utility or better yet, get solar and a power bank and cut the cord on the useless grid entirely.


If you think PG&E’s power grid resembles a that of a third world country, then you have obviously never been to a third world country. There was a storm, portions of the distribution system were affected, and PG&E got most of it up and running pretty quickly. We lost power at around 8:30 pm and by early am our power was back on. Thank you PG&E.


Maybe you missed all the other CCN articles about recent power outages in this county, so I’ll refresh your memory about SIX other outages that CCN reported on that affected thousands of SLO county residents in just the past two months:

10/10/21: 5,432 customers without power in San Luis Obispo County

9/25/21: More than 3,000 customers without power in northern SLO County

9/16/21: THREE outages leave 4,116 SLO County users without power on Friday

9/11/21: For the THIRD time in five days, thousands of San Luis Obispo County residents lost power on Sunday.

8/30/21: Multiple power outages impact more than 1,500 SLO County residents

TEN separate outages since 8/30/21 and only one they can blame on a storm. That seems normal to you? Thanks for nothing, PG&E. Time to ditch this bloated utility that is regulated and propped up by government bureaucrats and switch to superior private solutions.