Vehicles strike two Santa Maria children on their way to school

October 14, 2021


Drivers struck two school children in Santa Maria this week, seriously injuring at least one of the students.

On Wednesday morning, a young girl was struck on her way to school near the intersection of Railroad Avenue and El Camino Street, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. The child was hit near El Camino Junior High School.

The girl suffered major injuries.

Neither alcohol, nor drugs appeared to factor into the collision, police said. An investigation is ongoing.

A day earlier, a car struck an elementary school student riding a bicycle at the intersection of Jones and Lincoln streets, shortly after 7 a.m. [KSBY]

Santa Maria Police Traffic Investigator Andy Brice said it does not appear the drivers did anything wrong, though police want people to exercise caution.

El Camino Junior High is one of three schools within the Santa Maria-Bonita School District that no longer offer bus service because of a driver shortage.


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I would hope that the agencies involved throw the book at the drivers, there is NO excuse for this near a school. In my town, about 1/3 the population of Santa Maria, we enforce a 15 MPH limit near and in front of all five schools during class hours….a lot of the kids walk to school and this applies to them also. We do not tolerate any vehicle danger to our school children.


Now they don’t have bus service for their students!? Citizens should be outraged that TWO children were hit due to no safe transportation.