Getting a shot is less painful than being shot

November 1, 2021

Larry Bittner


On Nov. 10, I will be celebrating with my fellow Marines the 245th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. During the past 245 years, Marines, along with American patriots from all military branches, have defended the citizens of the United States and its allies from evil and tyranny.

Many millions of these patriotic veterans suffered lifelong injuries and many gave their lives so that we could enjoy a quality of life better than any prior generation.

In 2020, the United States was attacked by the Covid-19 virus. We will never be certain if the attack was accidental or intentional, but regardless the impact was the same. Millions died and our economy was disrupted as never before.

Like the Manhattan Project that ended World War 2, American scientists and corporations worked day and night at warp speed and in less than a year, three vaccines were available to end the Covid-19 war.

It is beyond comprehension as to why so many people will not get the shot so that we all can get back to normal. Americans do not like mandates. The choice to get or not get the shot is because so many millions of patriots gave their lives and limbs to ensure that right.

The decision to get the shot should not be political. It is our patriotic contribution to defend and protect our fellow Americans in the Covid-19 war.

When you reflect on all the American patriots that gave so much,  I hope you will conclude that “getting a shot is less painful than being shot.”

Larry Bittner retired to Avila Beach in 2000, Since then, he has served on several community boards and volunteers as a driver for the Veteran’s clinic.


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Tyler Durden

Great article, thank you.


Semper fi devil dog! Thank you Larry , right on bro!

Jon Tatro

As a vaccinated individual I can’t understand why so many other vaccinated folks are so upset about who else gets the shot. Either the vaccine works and you’re protected from Covid or we’ve been sold a load of crap. The Vaxer crowd is as cultish as some of the anti vaxers. This is especially true with people who have had Covid, they are actually better protected from long term Covid than vaccinated people.


Jon, your last sentence makes a medical claim about “better protection” without providing source material. You’re not knowledgeable in the medical field. We should all avoid making medical claims without providing sources. Poor medical advise can be deadly.

Jon Tatro

Simply google vaccine vs natural immunity and you’ll find numerous medical experts papers on this topic. It’s not my opinion it’s theirs and facts and science.


I did. You are slightly incorrect. They’ve studied it in the UK. You are 5 X more likely to get a breakthrough infection with natural immunity after getting the virus versus Covid vaccination based anti-bodies.

The most protected class, antibody-wise, now is; previously infected who are then later vaccinated.


“Simply google” That’s where I received my Phd in immunology just last year.

That’s also how we investigate if someone is innocent or guilty by googling the law, 5th hand accounts and looking at pictures.

/s Its funny thinking people perceive google rank as everything to do with facts and science, by the way the 10th dentist wants a word.

Ben Daho

Google is a search engine. It’s not an answer. I guarantee you, I could absolutely with certainty tell you who each person voted for by their statements.

To claim that “Googling” is a problem, explains a lot. If he posted “Lindell it” or “Bannon it” or “Alex Jones it” would that be better?


The anti vaxxers are costing lives. The pro vaxxers are saving lives. That is the difference. The vaccines save lives.

Jon Tatro

I agree the vaccine saves lives that’s why I’m vaccinated but thanks for proving the cultish belief system of both anti and pro vaccine people.

kevin rise

Jon, I agree, it’s sad that this has become political be it democrat or republican. Same thing with the drama in the academic realm, where people are politicizing facts; CRT insanity, drawing lines in the sand, vs just being earthlings and having opinions we should Democratically debate. I am guilty of being one of these people and I don’t want to be, I just want a community of diversity, which is America.

Francesca Bolognini

Many people are apparently unable to understand just how a vaccine works in protecting the vast majority of our population from infection or, failing that, from severe or fatal infection., It is simple math, but obviously over some heads.

It is also out of the kin of many to understand that being inoculated not only protects ones’ self, but those whose immune systems are not up to responding, even if they are vaccinated. This is the case with many people, such as those fighting cancer or other diseases that diminish the immune system. Those who refuse to be vaccinated show a complete lack of regard for anyone they might subsequently infect, who might as the result be severely and permanently impaired or die.

Then we have the argument that children are “not at risk”. Hmmm. Well, the Delta variant has already shown itself to be a potent or even fatal risk for the young. This on good authority from the son of one of my best friends, who runs the covid response for a major hospital in New Orleans. But even if they remain asymptomatic, they can bring a case home to infect the family and disrupt lives and perhaps threaten or end others, such as immuno-compromised relatives. Not to mention how disruptive it is to schooling to have to send children home from school repeatedly because of exposures to outbreaks.

But you don’t care. Bet you would have cared if the bulk of us had refused our polio and smallpox vaccines and perhaps a lot of you wouldn’t even be here now, or your children would be at risk for permanent disability because we were too dumb, too selfish, or too frightened to do our duty and get rid of that threat.. Plenty of people finished their lives in an iron lung. Bet you would have seen things differently from there.

Living in a society gives many advantages and requires willingness to sacrifice to protect and uphold it. And so many are full of big talk and yet actually afraid of a tiny little needle.

It saddens me to see what America has become.


The smallpox vaccine was developed over a couple hundred years. The polio vaccine took decades to develop and tested for years. When mass polio vaccinations first took place in the 50’s thousands developed polio from the polio vaccine. My cousin ended up with polio from the polio vaccine in the 60’s. They don’t make vaccines anymore that cure anything. There is no money in cures. I only know one person to end up in the hospital from covid and he was vaccinated. Mr. Bittner thank you for your service.


Did you read the story on Coach Harp?

Again, Fleet, this is “I had a cousin” or “i know someone” type of comment. Further, your historical polio analogies don’t have a logical connection. Rumor like info can be deadly. Go with sound advise from our national and international medical communities. Get vaxxed to avoid becoming a statistic.

Ben Daho

Nice opinion.

Ben Daho

As a Veteran, I salute you. USN. and USNR

It defies logic that these people follow along Party Lines and say they don’t want to give up freedom and then repeat countless arguments echoing each other Not a single person gave themselves Covid. It came from a fellow American Unless they travelled. Claims like “We don’t know what’s in it” These same people will load their shopping carts with preserved foods, wash their hair with shampoos they couldn’t tell you what was in it or pronounce it if they read it.

Freedom. I missed countless activities of my family to protect our freedom. Child birth, Graduation, piano recitals etc. But, they can’t CONTINUE vaccinations because they want to “own the Libtards” Flag waiving, All lives matter, (except those in close proximity) Etc. I have friends on the Left, Friends on the right and am astounded that there is a direct correlation to the political party on the information. Being vaccinated is MANDATORY at Fox news, yet no one walked out on of their jobs, but smile with Glee at those making a stand against the “Tyranny” of a 240 year old tradition of protecting each other with medicine.



Is it political? I know you will say it is but Trump practically tells us every chance he gets that he invented the vaccine. Perhaps it is not as simple as the news media would like to make you think. Thank you for your service.


Trump has never said that. Telling such blatant lies only confirms the skepticism of REQUIRING the vaccination.

Do you not recall, most all prominent democrats publicly stated that there was no way they would take a vaccine, that Trump championed? Remember? Wasn’t that long ago. Even Kamala and Uncle Joe loudly proclaimed they would not ever trust any medicine that Trump was a part of. I’ll bet you still tell people, that Trump wanted to inject bleach into people…right?

Look. We aren’t anti- vaccine (mainly, because we trusted Trump to have the best laboratories working on the problem). We are anti forced to take it.

On top of that, explain why someone who has already suffered from Covid and recovered, and is now stuffed full of natural anti-bodies, also MUST take the vaccine, when it will do no good at all?


Sure, I will explain. Immunities wane over time and the virus will mutate. So you need to get vaccinated and will need boosters.


I think you are anti- understanding my point.

Ben Daho

Did anyone in your family ever get vaccinated in order to attend public school?


During a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this year, Trump encouraged people to get the vaccine and took credit for its quick development. “This was us. We did this. And the distribution is moving along, according to our plan. And it’s moving along really well,” Trump said at the time. He did not claim to invent it. He takes credit for every other aspect which is why I said he practically claims to have invented it.


Thanks to the Trump Administration and Operation Warp Speed for accelerating what is normally a three plus year process. Trump Administration delivered in less than a year! Skeptics (Fauci and others) said it was highly unlikely, they were wrong.