San Luis Obispo County gas prices reach record high

November 8, 2021


San Luis Obispo County gas prices have reached record levels in recent days.

As of Monday, the average price of regular gasoline in SLO County is $4.80, according to AAA. On Sunday, the average price at the pump locally hit $4.81.

One year ago, the average gas price was $3.35.

Gas prices in SLO County are slightly higher than the current California average of $4.63 and much higher than the national average of $3.42. California has the highest average price at the pump among all states in the country.

Statewide, the highest average gas price is in Mono County. Mono County’s average price at the pump is $5.56.

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You really wanna know how we got here?! Look at people like Justin Demko. Demko is a former Goldman Sachs employee and financial adviser. Demko is also a “farmer”. You visit Brookshire Farms / La Familia ranch on LOVR for your pumpkins recently? You’re not supporting a struggling local farmer!!! You’re supporting a Hollywood actors elitist grandson! Several “local” (white) guys have never been told no or gotten their fingers dirty, with actual dirt. Chris Richardson is another one. I have zero respect for dudes who attend wine events in white pants.

Its funny people blaming international commodity prices on local politicians.


Gas prices are always a source of political spitfire. Some Facebook posts blamed President Joe Biden for the uptick in prices, including memes that claim gas prices only increase when Democrats are in office.

The reality, however, is that high demand for crude oil and low supply of it is pushing gas prices upward.



Meanwhile, a sharp drop in oil stockpiles in the United States and the member countries of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development is expected to keep global supply tight.

“It will take a trifecta of events to derail this oil price rally: OPEC+ unexpectedly boosts output, warm weather hits the Northern Hemisphere, and if the Biden administration taps the strategic petroleum reserves,” said Edward Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA.

U.S. energy firms this week added oil and natural gas rigs for a sixth week in a row as soaring crude oil prices prompted drillers to return to the wellpad.


Meanwhile in the middle east:

Saudi Arabia raised on Saturday the official selling prices (OSPs) for its crude in December to all customers by much more than traders and refiners had expected, suggesting that the world’s largest oil exporter believes the market will continue to tighten.

The $1.40-per-barrel price hike for the world’s most important oil-importing market was much higher than analysts and refiners had expected.

Saudi Arabia generally sets the pricing trend for Middle Eastern crude from other major exporters such as Kuwait and Iraq.

The large increase in prices from the Saudis came two days after the OPEC+ alliance defied calls from the U.S. Administration to boost supply more and decided to continue easing the collective oil production cuts by just 400,000 barrels per day next month.


It is truly hilarious watching some requblicans and perhaps some fundie libertarian’s complain it’s Biden and Newsom raising prices when its mostly corporations and the Saudis doing it worldwide (same as it ever was, remember war for oil?). It’s the free market right? Capitalism working its magic for the shareholders, perhaps you want the US government to decide the price or perhaps seize the means of production to make a happy gas price for the people?

Nobody blames Biden, He’s clueless about his job and frankly his

existence at this point. Its the idiots who he hired. Statements from a moron VP such as trees, or a lack of in places are racist? Highways show racism? seriously? And you SLO residents, so just how many blacks live in SLO county? Talk about perceived whitey privileged.

So before Biden took over we were not energy dependent on foreign oil but after he took over he shut down pipelines stopped drilling on Federal land then we become dependent on foreign oil again and he begs them to give us more oil and they say kiss my ass. If we are dependent on foreign oil of course they will charge us up the ass as they control us. We need to get back to not being dependent on anything from foreign countries as they love to control us. China gives us a pandemic and we couldn’t even supply masks for ourselves and had to pay the people who gave us the virus just to get masks. We should be able to supply anything we need without foreign help.

My pocketbook sure misses Trump….

Mine doesn’t, the market is a mad house, crypto rising. Forbes told me to buy into the recovery, I did, quit my job even.

The market was roaring under Trump….and praising crypto fake money is a loser for the American dollar….notice China doesn’t fool with it….

The Biden/Brandon and Brown/Newsom administration is trying to force the populous to buy into alternative energy everything which they have heavily invested in …The higher any fuels price is the tax charged helps pay for too much too fast transitions to alternative energy …Products of all kinds the higher the price more tax collected again ….all this overburdening the populous wallets pays for these administrations future voter base with handouts in every direction ten fold ….a person could go on and on …..The media says Port constipation is caused by lack of storage lack of drivers etc etc ….when in reality during covid the most intense emission rules in USA came into full effect in California on big trucks ….so truckers and trucking took their businesses outside of California …they can drive their older payed for trucks for 100s of thousands miles more in other states and the cost of fuel is even a little more affordable …its a truck and trucking company shortage only in Calif ….Made in USA would really help things out also

“a person could go on and on” Paragraphs please.

“old man yells at future clouds.jpg”

The sun and wind are not the future…they are the past….windmills and clotheslines…

Sun and wind are nearly eternal.