California reinstates statewide mask mandate

December 13, 2021


As COVID-19 infections rise in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration renewed its mask mandate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people — six months after lifting the last one.

Newsom’s mandate follows a 47% increase in coronavirus case rates since the Thanksgiving holiday and the arrival of Omicron, said Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state’s health secretary. As part of Wednesday’s mandate, the state is also requiring that people hosting events of 1,000 people or more, require unvaccinated attendees to show a recent, negative COVID-19 test.

Amid rising coronavirus cases, on Oct. 1, San Luis Obispo County implemented a mask mandate.

Wednesday’s mandate comes at a time some SLO County residents were asking the county to drop its current mask mandate. For more than a month, new COVID-19 case rates in SLO County have remained primarily unchanged at a moderate level, with average daily rates from 34 to 38.

California’s latest mandate helps provide consistency among counties throughout the state.


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Went grocery shopping Saturday forgot my mask and didn’t remember I had left it behind until my cart was full…I went ahead and checked out…not one person said a thing to me…


What took him so long? Let’s see how long it takes him before he breaks his own mandate.


What’s the government going to tell us to do next? Poop in toilets so the entity known as the sewage department can take away our waste so people don’t get sick from sewage in the streets? Oh hell no! I don’t need the government telling me where to poop. I’ll poop outside anywhere I like. I know its a health hazard but I don’t care about you, only my freedom to poop where I choose.

I wonder if the government offers any other services that keep the public safe and healthy?


I love masks & will continue wearing indoors post-pandemic, because I love NOT being sick with every last cold for the last two years :-) Wash your hands ya filthy animals!


Even for the most concerned; this has to be getting just a little ridiculous. New strain, new variant, another booster shot!!! At what point do we accept, well, life?


The omicron variant is inevitable. Fortunately, it also appears to be a milder variant of Covid-19. Information from South Africa and England.


Yet cardio vascular disease, cancer, alcohol and automobiles are still killing at record rates. When is our Lord Gavin going to outlaw these killers like refined oils, fast food, vehicles that go faster than 10mph….


Gee give him a chance, hes only one man, he already got rid of plastic straws and grocery bags and mini toiletry bottles. I hear he’s working on little condiment packages, he’ll be able to to more once he’s president.

Michael Stove

This is a false comparison somewhat. Cardio vascular disease and cancer do not spread to a wider audience due to one person’s actions.

Alcohol and automobiles have heavy regulations, because the misuse of both can have horrible affects on those around you and society in general.

I think you can agree to both statements: That Americans should live healthier lifestyles by making better choices with their diets, exercise regiments, and vehicular operation, while also agreeing that as a society we should do a bare minimum and wear masks to help stop the spread of a virus that can kill.