Teen gang members flee in stolen car from Morro Bay to Atascadero

December 26, 2021


Two juveniles, who are documented gang members from Tulare County, led police on a chase in a stolen vehicle from Morro Bay to Atascadero Sunday morning.

Shortly after 9 a.m., local law enforcement learned that a grey sedan reported stolen in Porterville was possibly in the Morro Bay Area. Police searched for the vehicle, and at approximately 9:48 a.m., a Morro Bay officer located the car traveling northbound in the 1300 block of Main Street, according to the Morro Bay Police Department.

The vehicle pulled through the Chevron station at Main Street and Highway 41 and then turned back onto Atascadero Road. A Morro Bay officer tried to stop the vehicle just north of Main Street, but the driver did not yield.

The driver fled eastbound on Highway 41, pursued by Morro Bay police.

As the stolen vehicle entered Atascadero, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to deploy spike strips at San Gabriel Road. The driver managed to avoid the spike strips but lost control while trying to make a left turn onto San Gabriel Road and crashed into a telephone pole.

Following the crash, two suspects fled the vehicle on foot. With help from Atascadero police and sheriff’s deputies, Morro Bay officers caught the suspects a short distance from the scene of the crash.

Three additional suspects remained in the vehicle following the crash. Authorities apprehended them, as well.

Officers arrested two teens and booked them in SLO County’s juvenile hall. The first suspect, a 16-year-old from the Porterville area, was booked for grand theft auto, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, felony reckless evading and a Tulare County warrant. Authorities booked the second suspect, a 15-year-old from the Porterville area, on a charge of resisting arrest and for having a no-bail warrant from Tulare County.

Neither the suspects, nor law enforcement personnel, suffered injuries in the chase. Officers are asking nyone who has information about the incident to contact the Morro Bay Police Department at (805) 772-6225 or SLO County Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.


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Why does is seem everyone from Porterville want to be in Morro Bay? I sware, I have met so many from there. There must be a Big Pic of the Rock somewhere up there, that everyone sees as Paradise? This is their Destination of a Lifetime! ?? Years ago I met a woman from there, out fishing with Virg’s. She spoke of how her co-workers were jealous she was in MB. Then a few years later, another, actually told me she was here looking for a husband so she could Live in MB!! Like, WTheck? LOL and even another asking where all the single’s hang out, wanting to extend her stay without pay as she put it…I thought Porterville wasn’t such a bad place? but then again, I have never lived there.

Jorge Estrada

Let’s just hope that their parents can afford the costs and that the gang doesn’t silence the captured. This is going to be a bad start for 2022.


This is the second time this month MB PD has chased someone up highway 41 leading to a crash in Atascadero. Wouldn’t it be a lot safer to just discreetly radio APD saying hey pull these guys over when they get into town. Instead of pursuing teen drivers who are very likely to panic and to cause a fatal accident on 41.

While I understand they’re trying to catch bad guys, that road is too dangerous to pursue vehicles. Period. Please stop putting civilians, and YOURSELVES at an unnecessary risk, on an already very dangerous road. Work smarter and safer. Not faster and recklessly.


Wouldn’t it be safer if these repeat offenders were held fully accountable for the previous violent acts and sentenced more severely?

How about repenting from relaxing sentences and releasing them immediately, and be tougher on them, so they don’t have as much of an opportunity to cause a fatal accident and kill innocent people by their actions?

The actions of the “bad guys” brought on the unnecessary risk and danger to the civilians and responding Police officers. Maybe turning from the reckless lessening of accountability and responsibilities for these violent criminals would be smarter and safer for all. Just a thought.

Vigilant Citizen

One guess on which person this guy voted for. Please talk to some police officers instead of just second guessing them. There is a reason every pursuit is continued and they know what they are doing.


…..there a numerous side streets leading to and away from “town”. I sincerely doubt criminals are going to be adhering to private property signs during an escape lol. Beside that, exactly how long do they wait for them to get to town? At some point they would likely need to be pursued anyways. Spike strips really are the best option. The lights and sirens, was their chance to have it “nice”.


This is the second high speed chase from Morro Bay to Atascadero in the last couple of weeks. Thank God no innocent citizens, or Police were injured. The lawlessness continues to threaten the safety of all no matter where you might be. Time to stop slapping them on the hands and releasing these criminals’ teenager’s or not.

Time for all politicians who legislate to start putting the safety of their constituents first with new and tougher laws across the board. The drug issue that is out of complete control is the root cause to the majority of this. Get tougher on those just as they did alcohol and sentence to the fullest for all involving drugs and alcohol.