Man shot multiple times in rural San Luis Obispo County

January 19, 2022

One of the illegal grows on Chimney Rock Road


A man was shot in the face and arm Tuesday evening near Lake Nacimiento in north San Luis Obispo County in an area known for illegal cannabis grows, according to the sheriff’s department.

Shortly before 11 p.m., a caller reported a shooting on the 14600 block of Chimney Rock Road in the Gallegos Ranch and Running Deer Ranch area. First responders transported the victim by Mercy Air to a hospital.

The SLO County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed the shooting, but has not yet released further details.

For years, residents of the area have complained about two illegal cannabis grows and the alleged threatening behavior of the growers, including firing rounds at neighbors and damaging their property. Cal Coast News is not identifying neighbors of Daniel David at 14615 Chimney Rock Road because of alleged safety issues.

“Over the course of four years, Daniel David has attempted to move property lines, cut roads through creeks, establish a grow operation (was busted by fish and wildlife) case pending,” one of the neighbors wrote Cal Coast News on Sept. 8, 2021. “He has been writing threatening letters, vandalizing our main gate, cutting locks, cutting fencing and utilizing a neighboring parcel to process marijuana and selling it via caretakers on Chimney Rock Road. It should be noted that the parcel … is roughly 1,000 feet away from Camp Natoma and currently being used to grow and manufacture drugs.

“The sheriff is well aware of these issues, however they have not made any attempt to remedy this problem,” the neighbor wrote in the email. “For three years now, the sheriff’s department has sat on their hands while these bullies have been allowed to process thousands of plants each year well within a stones throw from Camp Natoma where hundreds of kids attend and their parents think they are on a safe summer vacation. They are well armed with assault rifles and pose a very serious threat to the safety of the children attending each year.”

In Sept. 2021, Cal Coast News contacted Commander Jim Taylor who said the department was aware of issues at the property, and that deputies did not feel safe going there.

Since then, deputies attended a Running Deer Ranch Neighbor Association meeting where the neighbors pleaded for help with the ongoing alleged criminal activity. On Tuesday evening, 15 sheriff deputies responded to the shooting, according to department logs.


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Jorge Estrada

Just the typical rural land battles with a dash of pot and guns added, as California supported and subsidized by the Federal Government employee program. (open boarders)


According to social media sights , the person who was shot is local Citizen of the Year Micheal Fordyce of Paso Robles

Jorge Estrada

Atascadero had a citizen of the year that spent time in prison for doing bad things.