Thief trashes Old Mission School’s thrift store during burglary

January 5, 2022


San Luis Obispo police are searching for a burglar who allegedly stole hundreds of dollars of items from Mission Thrift SLO on Tuesday. [KSBY]

Located at 2958 S. Higuera Street, the shop is a thrift store that provides funding to the Old Mission School. A burglar broke a window at the front of Mission Thrift to gain access, Old Mission School officials said.

The burglar stole about $500 worth of pocket knives, art supplies, vintage playing cards and other items. Following the burglary, the cash register was found dismantled. However, there was reportedly no money inside the register at the time of the break-in.

Later Tuesday, Mission Thrift managed to open using a cash register that had recently been donated. Repairing the broken window is expected to cost about $200.


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I believe this is now described as “hunter-gather” activity to be decriminalized. I’d be down for it knowing that there were no criminal repercussions, but I’d lose my job (Damnit!).


Still just a misdemeanor.


He likely resides at 1 San Luis creek way San Luis Obispo. Should be easy to find.


Right next to the creek bed in SLO…I would look in the homeless camp behind it for stolen property


I thought embezzling from the Atascadero Band Boosters Club was bad, but – burglarizing a thrift shop? How low can you go?