Umbrella mistaken for gun, Paso Robles High School locked down

January 7, 2022


A student mistaking an umbrella for a gun led to Paso Robles High School locking down briefly Friday morning.

One student saw another student with a large umbrella and reported that it was a gun, according to the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District. A shelter-in-place order was then issued, requiring students to remain in their classrooms.

School officials and law enforcement personnel investigated the purported gun on campus. Officials reviewed surveillance footage and confirmed the individual in question had an umbrella, not a gun.

Administrators then lifted the shelter-in-place order, and Paso Robles High School returned to its normal schedule and operations.

“There is no threat at the school,” the Paso Robles school district said in a statement. “We would like to thank our staff, students, local authorities and community members for their assistance and patience during this time.”


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Jon Tatro

The umbrella is a very dangerous weapon just ask the penguin ( 70’s Batman reference for you millennials).


Jon Tatro, usually I agree with your opinions and comments. But you are way off here. The penguin first appeared in the 40s. Also he was in the 2017 Batman White Knight and Harley Quinn. Oswald Cobblepot also appears in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover and multiple small roles in other films and graphic novels. Keep up, Boomer(Smiley face tongue out all-in-good-fun-emoji)