Cal Poly San Luis Obispo hosting COVID-positive students in hotels

January 7, 2022


Isolation beds for Cal Poly students who tested positive for COVID-19 filled rapidly this week, prompting university officials to move additional students with the coronavirus into off-campus hotels. [LA Times]

Cal Poly has 62 isolation beds on campus. After it became clear the university needed more than 62 beds, administrators launched the off-campus isolation program on Wednesday, Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier said. The university is currently housing 132 students in hotels.

The university spokesman did not disclose how many beds were available and how many were occupied. The numbers change as students go in and out of isolation, Lazier said.

Likewise, Cal Poly is not disclosing the hotels being used to isolate coronavirus-positive students.

Since Dec. 30, 338 on-campus Cal Poly students have tested positive for COVID-19. A total of 74 new cases were reported on Wednesday.

The university’s winter quarter began on Monday with a requirement that students take a coronavirus test during the first week of classes. Students are taking both in-person and online classes this quarter.

Cal Poly is offering $400 gift cards to the university store to students who move home for isolation without using public transportation. The offer is contingent upon there being no one in the individual’s household who is at high risk for serious illness or death.


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Uncle Jack

Dang… if Cal Poly has enough money to do that then they need to lower tuition.

They obviously aren’t short on cash.


To bad we can’t show the empathy for our homeless and wounded veterans who gave so much to keep this country safe. Priorities are miss placed


Once Cal Poly gets your money, they don’t care about much else. Additionally, Cal Poly always seems to find money when it wants to, but always seems to run short when it comes to quality of instruction.



Jorge Estrada

This virus is going to be like the Boulder wind driven wild fire. I know of too many people that are in hiding as well as just working sick. Stopping this would require a Federally imposed 14 day stay at home order for EVERYONE, even the homeless must stay in there tents. That said, such and order would be impossible therefore you may be lucky and never know you caught the bug, get sick or ?