Righetti High School staffers caught having sex at school, on leave

February 9, 2022


Parents of Righetti High School students are alleging two staffers were caught having sex in an office on campus.

Two male staffers were having sex in an office when a pair of Righetti cheerleaders peered through a window and caught them, parents allege. The cheerleaders allegedly video recorded the staffers having sex and posted footage on Instagram. The Instagram video was reportedly taken down after being on the social media platform for a short time.

Administrators responded by placing the two staffers on leave. The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District is conducting an investigation into the incident.

On Tuesday, parents protested outside the Santa Maria Joint High School District board meeting, holding signs with statements like, “Public sex is not a private matter.”

District officials also released a statement on a matter.

“This internal investigation began immediately when the district received notice of these allegations and has included extensive interviews and consultation with legal counsel and law enforcement. The district has ensured that counseling resources are available to any student that needs support and these resources can be accessed by contacting site administration at any of the district sites. While we are unable to share additional information related to this confidential personnel investigation, be assured that our top priority is the safety, security and well-being of our students,” the district said in the statement.

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Blatant homophobia! Love is love and you shouldn’t judge them for that. It is a human right to be able to love wherever they feel the desire to.

What happened to “the investigation is nearing a close?” I hear that they have a doozy of a story that they want their friends and family to believe.

I don’t care that they were booty bustin but ANY sexual behavior on campus is wrong. No need for a two week investigation, if they were bustin cheeks, the video is all you need. Exercise better judgement. This guy and his wife are a couple of ass clowns anyway.

I agree the students did the right thing by posting on social media ….Hardly anybody watches or listens local news programs , but alomst everybody hears news thru social media ….Everywhere in USA in every location crimes occur in mass quantities that the public never hears about unless social media is used to let it be known .Otherwise it is swept under the rug .There is quite a few sex crimes that occurred involving public officials and retired LEO that were reported in SLO county local news at time of arrest , but then crickets on adjudication of those folks

Am I confused? We’ve been forced to accept all aspects of homosexuality, regardless of our morals, upbringing, religion, common sense, or “feelings”.

But, these two men are punished for “being in love”, while the students that filmed the incident are touted as good kids for bringing the behavior to light, and then admonished for posting the video on social media in a clear case of homophobia and hate (according to the current social construct rules).

Students in many “progressive” led high schools are allowed a “gay club” on campus, to further show that being gay is “normal”. Yet having a “straight club” or “Christian club” is considered hateful and dangerous. But this whole gay-at-school affair seems to turn all that around.

Nope, I’m not confused at all. Liberals are the antithesis of good community order.

They were having sex in public — in front of children and are going to be fired and criminalized. What’s confusing about that?

Vice Principal, on a school campus! I agree, what is confusing about that? He is not fit to work with students at a public school, such poor judgement on his part!

Why ever happened to just, “You’re fired.”? Paid leave? What investigation needs to occur- They have it on video!

Benefits of being Unionized.

I totally agree these two fellas made an extremely poor choice of where they wanted to engage in their sex play. However, I am dismayed by the cheerleaders recording the act and posting it on Instagram for the whole world to see. They could have easily showed the photo/recordings to the proper authorities such as principal, schoolboard, police.

We live in a culture now where meanness, decency, privacy, common sense etc. no longer applies. “Let’s post this car wreck”, 16 year old boy posts his ex girlfriends boobs, “Let’s post this drunk passed out kid with writing all over his/her face”. I’ve made my point…. I don’t think it’s good for our society and especially kids and teenagers to be so glued to social media and their phones.

If people engage in what is usually considered a private act in public, then they can no longer have an expectation of privacy. Not just stupid, but How about criminal charges for lewd acts in front of minors?

It wasn’t in public. The snitches looked through the window blinds. Not nice!

Some fine role models we have there. If it is true, they must be fired.

Not exactly the kind of behavior a Vice Principal should be exhibiting on school property.

What does this say about his lack of self control and decision making skills?

It says that folks need to vote for school choice. Rigorous competition has more potential to reform & improve education than continued reliance on the status quo mediocrity of government indoctrination centers.

Paid leave?

Getting a raise while on leave.