Supreme Court denies attempt to stop SLO County’s redistricting

February 15, 2022

Richard Patten map


The California Supreme Court denied an effort by a group of local opponents of redistricting  to overturn the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors’ vote to adopt the Patten map.

After a judge shot down an attempt to temporarily reverse the supervisors’ adoption of the Patten map, SLO County Citizens for Good Government and three SLO County residents went straight to the California Supreme Court to seek an injunction. The plaintiffs wanted the court to either revert back to the old boundary map, or select Map A, both of which were promoted by Democratic supervisors Bruce Gibson and Dawn Ortiz-Legg during the redistricting process.

The plaintiffs filed the motion on Monday to stay the trial court ruling, which the high court justices then turned down on Tuesday, without asking for opposition from the county.

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauy made her decision without prejudice, meaning her ruling was not based on the likelihood of the case to succeed or fail at trial. The chief justice found that based on the truncated and incomplete record, “neither the trial court nor this court could undertake a final adjudication of plaintiff’s motion for a temporary restraining order under such circumstances.”

Last week, Superior Court Judge Rita Federman rejected the bulk of the plaintiffs’ arguments, which included that the adopted map diminishes Latino voters, that cities are not communities of interest and that the new map illegally took away the right of some to vote in the 2022 election.

Judge Federman found the plaintiffs’ argument that the county should have looked at evidence that the adopted map favored or discriminated against a political party, accurate, though procedural.

The June 7 election will follow the new district boundaries. The lawsuit will continue with a case management conference scheduled in March.

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I live in a rural area, receive my mail in Santa Margarita, yet I had Cal Poly students voting against me on the old map. Now I have Morro Bay north and San Miguel south voting my interest? I have had to learn that I (the individual) makes the difference and not the surrounding voters. If you want someone else to make the difference, you should be a Democratic or even better a Communist.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!

They should get over themselves!!!

What a waste of time and money just to try and keep Gibson in power!!!

8 p.m. Tuesday night and Trib still hasn’t posted a story about this important news. Are they trying to hide it or are they waiting for Quinn Brady to spin it?

The Trib? What (who) is that?

Birdcage liner!

Trib is still in the “denial stage”

Read the complaint, which actually claims that the Tribune’s reporting is proof that the map was drawn to support Republicans and harm Democrats. The numbers the Trib provided, and Gibson wanted everyone to take as proof, did not come from a reliable source, they were the invention of several people working to get Bruce Gibson and Jimmy Paulding elected.

The Trib editorial board, or should I say Joe, is probably waiting for Tom Fulks (Gibson’s campaign consultant) and Quinn Brady (who works for the pot shop that is the Trib’s largest advertiser) to give direction.

The Trib is part of the same cabal that is currently ignoring the biggest political story since Watergate. I really believe they think the populace is stupid and has a short memory. They may be correct. But I see the whole house of cards of the legacy media collapsing. Of course, the rats like Joe Tarcia will always find a home in the new media when their ship sinks.

The “SLO County Citizens for Corrupt Government” are now 0 for 2. Go for the “hat trick” if your intelligent enough to know what that means. I look forward to the defeat of the arrogant Bruce Gibson. Time for this intolerant, unethical, mean spirited, and deceitful guy to go.

Sounds like the court is saying plaintiff attorneys screwed up by providing a “truncated” record inadequate for the court to act upon. Not the first time this sort of thing has happened. At $600 per hour, you’d think attorneys could do better.

This ought to send the lefties into a tizzy!

Hopefully they will continue to use their financial resources jousting at this windmill.

Likely not “their” resources…I wouldn’t at all be surprised if cash flow traces back to Soros or others of his ilk

Bruce your time has come and gone. Time to retire, by now you should realize that you are out of step with SLO citizens and that it would be best for someone else to represent them.

Come on, this map makes perfect sense, Los Osos is just like Oceano, Cambria is just like Santa Margarita, Pozo and Arroyo Grande may as well be twins! And when I’m in SLO sometimes I think I’m in Morro Bay.

So glad you took a principled stand to vigorously oppose the previous map on similar grounds.

You know, I don’t even remember the old map being discussed… When was it drawn?

And the city of San Luis Obispo is so different as to need to be divided into three different districts……