SLO police searching for two alleged thieves

April 1, 2022


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is asking the public for help with identifying four thieves who allegedly stole a wallet and used credit cards inside it to make fraudulent purchases.

On March 25, the suspects allegedly used the stolen credit cards to buy thousands of dollars worth of items at Target and Best Buy.Surveillance cameras captured the purchases.

Investigators are asking anyone who has information about the suspects to contact Officer Pelletier at (805) 594-8020.

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These photos are so clear they could be almost anyone. Someone at the police department needs to learn how to to use photo editing software to make people recognizable. It would take about 1 minute with Adobe Lightroom.

Great suggestion, Curtis! Can you conduct a short training seminar for all L.E. agencies in the county to demonstrate? Maybe do the same at the Allan Hancock College Police Academy? Heck, probably lots of citizens would want to learn those photo enhancement techniques on surveillance footage so more criminals will be identified. Your volunteering would be an awesome public service!

Why are the police wasting our tax dollars investigating what are no longer crimes but “hunter gatherer” behavior? Target will have to decide whether or not it is profitable to keep the store open in SLO Progressive anarchy. Walgreen’s and CVS are closing stores all over San Francisco leaving neighborhoods without retail services. Does the City of SF care? No, homeless first, just like SLO. The new encampments along 101 in SLO, in CalTrans right-of-way, are arrogant and entitled. And they just discard their trash along the freeway which CalTrans dutifully collects.

Scumbags. Losers.

First clue that something was up, they appear to be wearing masks. This, after the mask requirement I believe was lifted by the time of this incident.