Covid cases continue to rise in SLO County, but severe illness does not

May 12, 2022


COVID cases in San Luis Obispo County have been rising for the past three weeks, while hospitalizations have not. The county reported an increase in new COVID cases this week from a daily average of 25 on May 4 to 38 on May 11.

During the past seven days, the county reported 289 SLO County residents officially tested positive for the virus. San Luis Obispo leads with 84 new cases, followed by Paso Robles with 33, Atascadero and Arroyo Grande both with 28 and Nipomo with 21.

The number of SLO County residents in hospitals receiving treatment for the virus remains low, with two currently hospitalized, both in intensive care.

In SLO County, 54,247 people have tested positive for the virus and 497 have died.

There have been 9,323,443 positive cases, and 90,908 deaths in California.

More than 83,953,371 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 1,025,764 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 519,234,438 cases with 6,282,394 dead.

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So the vaccine actually protects one from getting severely ill and perhaps dying? Interesting. Somebody should tell others about this new discovery.

Perhaps someone should tell me why I was told that I would never get Covid-19 if I were to be vaccinated which was the basis of my decision to get the vaccine.

maybe because your neighbor’s brother’s sister-in-law was misinformed