Facts matter, choose wisely before casting your vote

May 30, 2022

Geoff Auslen


Supervisorial candidate Geoff Auslen’s recent email to constituents states his opponent is falsely claiming first responder endorsement.

Let’s talk about the real facts and expose the truth. Spreading misleading information reveals so much about one’s character and integrity, don’t you agree?

A campaign postcard from candidate Bruce Jones featured a photo shaking hands with an officer at a public event. There are no words claiming endorsement. Rather, the photo represents Jones’ support of police, fire and law enforcement.

Listening to a recent KPRL caller continue to spread Auslen’s misinformation brings to mind another situation demonstrating factual distortion, and disrespect of constituents by the Auslen campaign.

I feel I have personally been a victim of the deceptive misinformation and dishonesty of the Auslen campaign. It is time to speak out and let people know the truth. Words matter. Facts matter and follow through is important.

I made multiple written requests to remove or correct a deceptive post on the Auslen for Supervisor Facebook page where a photo of me was posted along with words implying that I, representing the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County, and the organization where I was speaking were endorsing Auslen. This is absolutely false!

My multiple requests to Auslen’s campaign manager and his campaign website were completely ignored. So, I went a step further and posted the history of my request on the campaign’s Facebook page expressing my concern that the wording falsely implied endorsement.

Rather than honoring my request, the Auslen Campaign simply deleted my request posted on their Facebook page, and left the original wording along with the photo that falsely implied endorsement by me, a member of Republican Party of SLO County, and the other organization.

Nineteen days after my initial request for correction, I was at the monthly meeting of the aforementioned organization where Candidate Geoff Auslen and his campaign manager were present. I made a public request, via microphone, to remove the photo or revise the words that inaccurately implied my endorsement. Candidate Geoff Auslen and his campaign manager refused to speak with me after the meeting adjourned.

Let that sink in for a moment: Multiple requests for correction were ignored. It took making a public request in a meeting where Auslen and his campaign manager were both present to get action, after which they refused to speak with me.

By the way, later on the same evening of my public request, the photo and misleading wording were both removed from the Auslen for Supervisor Facebook page.

I have never received a written or verbal apology from Auslen or his campaign manager.

So I ask you to seriously ponder this question, “If this is the way constituents are treated during attempts to court us and gather votes how will we be treated should the candidate become supervisor?”

We need to elect a supervisor that will actually listen, respond in a timely manner and act on our behalf!

Please choose wisely when casting your vote in the upcoming June 7 Primary Election.

Linda Becker is a retired nurse who lives in Paso Robles. She is the District 1 chair for the Republican Party.

Send a response or your own opinion to velieslo@gmail.com.

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I’ve know of Auslen’s dealings. He is a pure weasel who peddles political influence and wants more power and influence just like his good buddies Adam Hill and Tom Jones. If Jones and Whitworth don’t make the cut I’d take Gibson over Auslen.

Reads like there will not be a run off.

Such pathetic attempts to attack Auslen. RP SLO knows they have a losing candidate in Jones and are desperately trying to maintain credibility with their endorsement. They will have egg on their face after the primary and have to come crawling back and pretend they supported Auslen all along.

These so-called endorsements always make me laugh. I know many Police officer’s, others in various law enforcement positions, along with many firefighters who work in various departments and reside within the new District 5 boundaries. Although the certain unions might endorse a particular candidate, the rank and file don’t. The actual real men and women who cast the votes. I can tell you for a fact that the majority of the ones I know, and I have spoken with, do not support Gibson, Auslen, or Jones.

A month or so ago, I stopped by the Republican Headquarters to voice my opinion, concerns, and ask a few questions. I spoke to several at the same time. There was no question that they were NOT SUPPORTING or endorsing Geoff Auslen. Why? Because just as I knew, he is a Democrat at heart. They had already endorsed Bruce Jones and continue to this day to support Bruce Jones. The stated that they do like John Whitworth, but he entered late, and they had already endorsed Bruce Jones.

As stated above, endorsements are laughable and overrated. I also know many who originally supported Jones or Auslen. When it came time to cast the early vote, despite the Republican endorsement, the vote didn’t go to Jones, Auslen or Gibson. We’ll see how it all plays out. There will be a runoff in November.

It also reminds of years ago when Mike Brennler, a former SLO City police officer and city councilman for Atascadero, was extremely disliked by the city’s Police and Fire Unions, along with their rank and file. They were unified against him. The voters for the most part locally, are going to weed out the chaff and defy at times the endorsements or deceitful candidates. The chaff and deceit in this case is Auslen and Gibson.

No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong. Feelings are what we use now to make decisions. We don’t let silly truths and facts stand in the way.

I love watching the Republicans eating their own.

It’s just an appetizer for now. Gibson will be eaten come November.

You might be right, but I believe that Auslen is the only candidate who could beat him in a runoff. Auslen is well known in Atascadero and might get enough votes to win. Jones is a non-entity and has not run much of a campaign. Whitworth is a kook and cannot beat Gibson. California voters are too smart to fall for the “Constitutional Conservative” crap that Whitworth is dishing up.

Whoever goes against Gibson in November will defeat that bloviating fool.

I don’t. Republicans show a lack of civic discourse in their political tactics. This more than any other item has lead me to the Democratic Party.

Principles of Civic Discourse:

Seek understanding and common ground.

Expect and explore conflicting viewpoints.

Give everyone opportunity to speak.

Listen respectfully and thoughtfully.

Offer and examine support for claims.

Appreciate communication differences.

Stay focused on issues.

Respect time limits.

Mazin, that is the silliest thing I have read in a while. Thanks for the laugh.

Auslen is not a Republican. He is a good buddy of the late Adam Hill and Tom Jones who wants Adam Hill-style corrupt influence.