Man charged with making racist threats to Nipomo business owner

May 28, 2022


San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a 47-year-old man on Friday for allegedly making a racist threat against a Nipomo business owner.

For months, Ricardo Salazar of Santa Maria would sit in his car in front of Powerhouse Barre and Pilates on West Tefft Street in Nipomo and watch the classes. Concerned the man was dangerous, staff previously reported a suspicious man in a car, but Salazar left before deputies arrived.

Early Friday morning, Salazar allegedly posted a note on the business that included a racist violent threat against the owner, who is black.

A witness followed Salazar from the business and called law enforcement. Deputies arrested Salazar and booked him in the SLO County Jail on a charge of making criminal threats along with a hate crime penalty enhancement. His bail is set at $100,000.

Investigators are asking anyone with information on this case to contact the SLO County Sheriff’s Detective Division at (805) 781-4500.

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He’ll get more time in jail than Dayspring.

That’s most likely the case, but it is also earned and deserved.

Dayspring, for all his faults, did not threaten to kill a small businesswomen because she is black. Salazar needs to be in jail to protect public safety, Dayspring does not.

Perverts suck. Racists suck. Racist perverts really suck. Time for them to go away.

I agree. Perverts and prejudice people do really suck as you state. But a racist is worse. Unfortunately, in this nation we’ve made racism acceptable through the actions of courts and a deceptive movement the last 50 years, if the truth be put forth.

Trump and the far right have made racism mainstream and acceptable. Look at who are some of trumps biggest and most vocal supporters are… loud and proud racists. White replacement theory in case you needed an example if you haven’t heard about it just turn on tucker carlson he will tell you all about it.

Hmmm, say since the Civil Rights movement…those 50 years?

Enjoy your truth.

You should go discuss how bad Conservatives are with all the business owners in Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, etc. who lost everything to BLM and ANTIFA arsonists, rioters and looters.

“Whataboutism is a type of logical fallacy, a deflection or red herring that occurs when a person attempts to divert the focus away from the current issue by making a counter-accusation. It’s a specific form of the tu quoque fallacy in which someone’s claim is discredited due to alleged hypocrisy by the arguer.”

There are still a lot of questions here. Why was this person “stalking” the business or storefront? Was there a vendetta? What was the alleged perps motive? There are tons of racist folk out there, but who leaves a ‘post it’ note?? All this makes little sense.