Marijuana consumption lounges coming to Grover Beach

May 25, 2022


The Grover Beach City Council voted on May 23 to adopt an ordinance to allow and regulate marijuana consumption at indoor lounges and some special events.

“Grover Beach has four cannabis retailers that have demonstrated their commitment to following the city’s regulations as they generate economic activity,” said Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee. “We are confident that our cannabis retailers will maintain these standards if they pursue onsite consumption for their customers in a safe and responsible way.”

The city is anticipating the cannabis lounges will increase Grover Beach’s tax revenues which will help fund capital projects and citywide services. The city is restricting pot lounge permits to city cannabis retail businesses.

“The City Council took great care in making this decision as the city continues to lead the way in creating a safe, thriving local commercial cannabis industry,” Said City Manager Matthew Bronson. “Enabling our businesses to provide safe consumption spaces for both local residents and visitors expands economic opportunities in Grover Beach and strengthens our revenue sources to better serve our community.”

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How easy is it going to be for officers to post up nearby and hand out DUIs like candy? Very.

Nice. I hope it happens. I remember attending city council meetings years ago regarding ordinances required by each city. The incredible thing is the state purposely taxed the industry high to help pay for the problems it was going to create. That came directly and admittedly from the state. So, the funds are there to get these who are DUI.

A cannabis consumption lounge is akin to a bar that allows the consumption of cannabis as opposed to alcohol. With alcohol the bartender can usually tell when someone has consumed excessive amounts and refuse to provide additional liquor.

The bar tender can also encourage a person who has had to much to drink to have someone else drive them home.There are also times when a “designated” driver who doesn’t drink provides transportation.

California’s Dram Shop law relives bars from responsibility if an alcohol impaired driver causes an accident and injuries, This was likely the result of the alcohol lobby protecting bars.

As yet there is no such law that protects cannabis consumption in a lounge provided by dispensaries. They will likely be held liable for injuries caused by marijuana related accidents as would cities that have allowed this conduct,, There has been in increase in cannabis related accidents since legalization.,

Under normal circumstances highs from pot last a relatively short time and it is usually safe to drive after the effects have worn off, Some users claim they drive better when stoned driving at 25 mph on the freeway.

However, cannabis edibles which account for about 50% of cannabis sales are different. The effects of the edibles may not become apparent for an hour, maybe more depending on the individual,

For first time edible users in particular overdoses are common which results in paranoia, disorientation and fear. The only driving involved is someone taking the “overdosed”

person to an emergency room,

If you Google “cannabis overdose” or similar terms you will find how common these occurrences are. The industry doesn’t talk about these affects. The bud tender will no warn first time users about the dangers.

The biggest problem is that the overdose symptoms can last 6-10 hours and driving is virtually impossible with any degree of safety.

How does this scenario play out in lounges?

A patented invention called the “Dosage Management System” is designed to do away with most first time edible users overdose, It can be viewed at

Grover Beach is interested in tax revenue not sometimes catastrophic injuries or death to innocent motorists,

Least I be deemed opposed to marijuana that is not the case. I have partaken of the herb for over 50 years, However I did not try any edibles until about 5 years ago. I ate a pot brownie and was launched into the cosmos with all the undesirable symptoms, If it can happen to me with 50 years of experience it can happen to anyone,

Does long term use cause MJ smokers to be more paranoid? This is something I have noticed.