Misinformation campaign mars SLO County’s District 4 race

May 25, 2022


A local attorney and his wife appear to have jumped into the disinformation campaign that has already marred the San Luis Obispo County District 4 race between Lynn Compton and Jimmy Paulding.

Attorney Don Ernst received a multi-million dollar contract from County Counsel Rita Neal’s office, which appears to have prompted him to attack Compton, who in 2020 voted not to renew Neal’s contract. Known as the king-maker, Ernst has had a tight grip on Democratic public officials for more than a decade.

Remember Don Ernst was a strong supporter and advisor to former supervisor Adam Hill, a man known for bullying women and soliciting bribes.

After a recent fundraiser Don Ernst’s wife Teri Ernst co-hosted for Paulding, Don Ernst’s wife Teri Ernst sent an email rife with untruths and manipulations.

The email claims Compton initially voted to approve the oil trains, but then changed her vote when she thought she would lose. The truth is, Compton never voted yes for the oil trains.

Many of Teri Ernst’s untruths were initiated by Paulding, who in his attempt to get elected falsely claims that garbage rates are going up 15% because Compton voted to remove the county from the IWMA.

After it became clear the IWMA planned to use a cookie cutter approach regarding new laws and to raise its price for services it charges, Compton pushed to have the county leave the IWMA, stop costly practices, and work to lower costs through exemptions.

As a result of skyrocketing gas prices, all trash rates in the county will increase at some level, but much higher for those under the IWMA, which charges 3.5% on top of your bill and requires costly extras compared to the county which charges 2% while not requiring costly extras.

Teri Ernst claims that Nipomo has the worst air quality in the nation. Just Google it, Los Angeles has the worst air quality. Paulding and Ernst want you to believe that putting plants in the dunes will reduce pollution two miles away by 50%, a claim that scientists and the state have already refuted. But once Paulding makes a claim, he stands by his deception.

Even though there is a video of Paulding voting to give himself a raise, he continues to claim he never did. After sending out three mailers to Republicans only, which make it appear he is endorsed by the Republican Party, Paulding claimed he did not know what he was doing,

Does anyone really believe Paulding is not attempting to hoodwink Republicans into thinking he is the conservative candidate?

Ethics, integrity and honesty matter. Vote for Lynn Compton for supervisor!

A retired math teacher, Laura Mordaunt lives in San Luis Obispo in District 4.

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If Jimmy lies and his supporters lie then why would anyone want to have him in office. Could you ever trust him on anything in the future?

I am voting for Supervisor Lynn Compton as she is the BEST choice for District 4.

I know Don Ernst, he was the son of a rancher lived in the Estrella Area of z Paso Robles. He used to be an good common sense Democrat, but just like the national party he seems to have lost his way. Don, if you’re reading this please return to your core values we don’t need urbanites like Jimmy running things in our county. Come on Don, you can do a LOT better than this and your wife can too,

Well, at least we now know the truth about the Ernst’s and their lack of values and their willingness to out right and lie. Kinda reminds me of the Wallace group, lie cheat and steal from the tax payer until caught.

But with Wallace, thanks to a do nothing DA, he walked with millions of taxpayer dollars and only a slap on the wrist.

It’s readily apparent that Don Ernst’s and Jimmy Paulding’s campaign will do anything they could do to get elected. Jimmy has craved Lynn Compton’s position on the Board of Supervisors for years and they will do anything they can– lying, cheating, manufacturing scandals– that have nothing to do with Lynn Compton.

Remember who put up Jimmy Paulding for Supervisor four years ago. It was Adam Hill, the most corrupt political official we have witnessed in recent years, Nick Andre, a former business partner of marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring, and Tribune editorial reporter Tom Fulks, the swami behind Bruce Gibson’s and area Adam Hill’s campaigns.

Don’t believe anything Paulding or his supporters say. If you do, ye shall reap the whirlwind…

Tkg, who doesn’t have a shady donor. Is Exxon for Peschong any better? He represented them with his lobbying firm Meridian Pacific. Paulding built SLO airport as lead engineer to my knowledge, a project that cost how many of millions of federal and state dollars with no issues? Lighten up. And O’Malley was friends with Gearhart, you might know John Wallace I bet, might have even worked with him I’d bet too. And Lynn, friends with developers, same as Arnold. Hill killed himself, let the man RIP for his guilt. The man committed suicide, a medic had to retrieve his body. Lay off. No one’s complaining of Wallace, Kevin Rice etc. Or Gibson, come on.

The issue is Jimmy Paulding is dishonest. He is not an engineer, and never was one. He worked for a short time at Vanir and then Arcadis, but as a project manager.

So now he claims he was the lead engineer at the SLO Airport. He will say anything to get elected, yarns his supporters love to repeat.

“Paulding built the SLO Airpot?”


Paulding did not have much to do with the airport, get real lol.

LOL – yeah he was lead engineer for SLO airport and Ms Legg was personally responsible for building the solar farms

“Paulding built SLO airport as lead engineer”…have you noticed how vague Paulding is about his resume? He did some internships that he fabricates into lead positions. Couldn’t cut it, so he went to a small law school in Santa Barbara. Then he was “discovered” by Hill and Gibson to be the golden boy that would get rid of their thorn, Lynn Compton. Lynn was not liked because she has ethics and morals! So they found this kid to run for County Supervisor 4 years ago. NO experience at all with politics. He could have started out as a Arroyo Grande Planning Commissioner, don’t you think? Then he lost, but he got a taste of how he could make politics his career! Ran for City Council in the biased Arroyo Grande, and has not really shined in that role, has he? Now he is going for the brass ring! VOTE FOR LYNN COMPTON if you want a mature, experience adult running your County business!

Lynn Compton has my support. We deserve a Supervisor that is transparent Lynn Compton has proven that is exactly what she is for the last 8 plus years. If it isn’t broke why change it!