Nearly 10% of SLO County ballots returned

May 27, 2022


San Luis Obispo County voters appear to be taking their time in returning their primary election ballots, with slightly under 10% returned as of Thursday.

Of the 186,626 ballots sent to registered voters, 18,360 have been returned — 9,262 from registered Democrats and 5,467 from Republican voters.

In SLO County, three supervisor races will be determined during the June 7 primary: District 2, District 3 and District 4. With 40,981 registered voters in District 4, there are 4,681 returned ballots.

Of the 7,760 ballots mailed to District 2 voters, 3,493 have been returned. In District 3, of the 30,907 mailed to voters, 2,979 have been returned.

Generally, fewer voters turn in their ballots during midterm elections. In the 2018 primary election, 53% of SLO County voters turned in their ballots, which was up from the 2014 primary when only 41% of ballots were counted.

For your vote to count, it must be dropped off or postmarked on or before election day, June 7.

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I believe it is time for the United Nations to monitor voting in the United States like they do in other countries with suspect voting practices.

Who wants to bet, a box of “suddenly discovered” ballots is “found” behind one of the weed stores?

The whole system needs to be modernized. Electronic voting through your phone is the future.

Electronic voting is bad, no recept. The scantron ballots are the best of both worlds, we can recount as needed and proof of your vote is available.

If we could vote by phone, the gqp headquarters would get a upgrade.

Its not over until its …… the right people have won. Wait for the last minute entries. Probably more areas with 100%+ returns at the last minute and of course for the right candidates.

Maybe we should require voting in person unless there is a medical exemption, think about the level of public participation at Board meetings. Elections should force some level of involvement, other than watching TV or looking at campaign signs before filling in the circles.

Then we should make all voting days a national holiday so people can go to a polling station and not have to worry about work.

Then we should fully fund and organize, at a national level, the elections so there are polling stations within easy walking distance of every American.

Then we should extend voting onto several weekends so people have multiple options to vote.

Laws already allow time off to vote. The California Elections Code section 14001 requires employers to post a notice to employees advising them of provisions for taking paid leave for the purpose of voting in statewide elections. Up to two hours are allowed by the law.

So, yeah. No excuses.

In the words of Biden, “Come on man”, pull the wool from over your eyes and see the avenues to vote.

Anyone who doesn’t know when an election day is, needs to take some accountability for their incompetence. I can’t image when you have absentee ballots available mailed out weeks before the election, 13 hours or more on voting day to make it to the polls rather you work or not is more than enough time to vote. Do your homework and pay attention to things regarding election day. No need for multiple days or multiple weekends. Anyone who doesn’t make arrangements to vote ahead of time, that’s on them. It’s called responsibility. Get some. You’ll be amazed how simple things come.

Here’s a heads up to the procrastinators. There’s another election coming in the first week of November this year. For those of you so irresponsible regarding when or how to vote, mark your calendars now. ‘Come on Man”. Have a clue.

People who procrastinate with respect to voting, or who can’t figure out how, or for whatever reason will not or cannot obtain legitimate ID, etc., or those who think it’s too big a hassle to step away from the tube to go down and vote…

Why should we care so much about capturing their vote? They have made their choice.

Yes. And voter ID.

Even if we all voted in person trump would still claim the election was stolen get over it he lost! Most fraud I’ve seen was by republicans hell his chief of staff was registered in TWO states!!!

Those numbers will increase dramatically in the next week. Especially once the Progressive/Democrat mules get to working. That’s been typically a few days before election day. The eye of election fairness is on them.

Mules? You mean people who offer rides to polling stations? Thats legal and both sides help voters get to the polls.

And no, the “eye” is not on them. Our elections are safe and secure.

Please be truthful and stop the misinformation.

What could possibly be untrue or misinformation about Michael Stove’s statement?

Oh look the stolen election bullshit has arrived. Those numbers will increase once the gqp trolls get to working.