SLO County Democratic candidates disguised as Republicans

May 19, 2022


Deceptive slate mailers were recently sent to registered Republicans in three San Luis Obispo County districts, in what appears to be a chameleon like attempt to disguise three Democratic candidates as endorsed by the Republican Party.

In a county that swaps between a Democratic and Republican majority, slate mailers have become common place among both conservative and liberal candidates. These costly fliers often blur the lines between political endorsements and paid advertising.

Titled “Attention Republicans – Primary 2022 Voting Guide,” the fliers appear to recommend candidates endorsed by the Republican Party. But mixed between eight Republican candidates is one of three Democrats running for county supervisor: Jimmy Paulding, Bruce Gibson or Dawn Ortiz-Legg, depending on which candidate is running in the district.


With a red-wave of voter turnout predicted for 2022, Paulding and Gibson have refused to label themselves as liberals on the radio and to some constituents.

In order to determine if a flier is a slate mailer, California law requires a notice to voters that identifies the group is “NOT AN OFFICIAL POLITICAL PARTY.” The latest triad of slate mailers includes the required identification.


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You have to give Jimmy credit. He is crooked BEFORE he gets elected. Practice in the event he is elected.


Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…is there no limit to your deception?


I once got called into HR because I made a joke about because so many people were expected to vote in the next election, Republicans would vote on Tuesday and Democrats on Wednesday. They said it wasn’t a joke. I thought it was funny.


If I were a democrat running for office I wouldn’t want to admit it either…. This next election will be a landslide unless the dems cheat again….


Just as always. Try and win at all costs by being deceitful, dishonest, cheat, misleading and plenty of misinformation. The Progressive/Democrat way. I’m sure Gibson, Paulding, Ortiz-Legg and their political insiders knew of this and most likely endorsed the mailers. Just another reason to send all of them packing and down the road of disgust and dishonor. They’ve paved that road themselves with their actions.

Jorge Estrada

It would be difficult these days to promote the Democratic Party since their victorious leader of 50 years in the business is falling all over himself trying to produce and executive order to overcome the baby food shortage in the USA while at the same time trying to take $40 Billion of our children’s future to rebuild his son’s previous employer’s country, the Ukraine. No chance for fake new here, the truth would be a best seller for Mad Comics, the cartoon satires would be hysterical.


Just let them fight among themselves huh? Think we tried that in WW1…ever hear of it? Neutrality is just another word for complacency.


Europe is plenty capable of helping Ukraine defeat the pathetic Russian military. It’s just that Europe would rather that the USA expend its’ blood and treasure.


History often repeats itself. Now I know why…


Nonstop incoherent screeching from the GOP about stolen elections, who can’t seem to stop cheating. Redistricting, blocking mail in ballots, deceptive ad practices. Most Republicans refuse to put their party affiliation on their political advertisements now. Why is that?


The down votes don’t mean that you are wrong. It just means that we live in a county full of insurrection supporting, racist, cowards who call themselves “Christians” but live a life diametrically opposed to everything Jesus stood for. If there is an afterlife, let’s just say it’s gonna be uncomfortably warm where they’re headed.

This is the same group of degenerates who shamelessly call Joe Biden a pervert while ignoring the fact that the current Republican party is LOUSY with sexual predators. The ones who are obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop but have absolutely no problem with UBS paying Jared Kushner billions of dollars in exchange for, among other things, the Trump administration’s help in covering up the brutal murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Kashoggi! They are literally incapable of feeing shame.


You’re right, the county is full racist. Don’t forget to include profanity filled hate speech, threats and blackmail to businesses, attacks on Policer officers, and worst of all, attacks on a family in a car while breaking a rear window on a small child, along with preventing a woman in labor from getting to the hospital while illegally stopping traffic on Hwy.101.

Tianna Arata, Heidi Harmon, Jalen Hamler and hundreds of other local insurgents from blm terrorized many for months in this county. Their hateful rhetoric, bigotry, intolerance, divisive actions, and destructive disobedience are all cowardly.

They were part of a national insurgent movement that caused 24 deaths, over 2400 injuries to innocent people and Police officers, the burning of multiple cities leading millions of dollars in personal property loss. Many in the Democrat/Progressive party encouraged this behavior, never to this day spoke against, and in some cases helped fund the defense of the insurgents across this nation.

As long as you brought it up, let’s put it all out there if you’re fair and honest.


Distructive disobedience???

Do you also condemn the treacherous & destructive actions of all of those “disobedient” insurrectionist white folks at the Capitol? Or is it just disobedient brown people that you have a problem with?


Here’s a thought: if men & women in so called “law enforcement” would just stop killing unarmed black & brown people & actually start being held accountable when they openly violate our civil rights or, god forbid, face consequences when they break laws, there would be no protests in the first place!

In the interest of fairness & honesty, let’s talk about the overwhelming number of law enforcement officers who break the law everyday. Criminals who wear a uniform & hide behind a badge, are the most dangerous criminals. Since cops are given more more authority than the average citizen, I would argue that police officers who commit crimes should be subject to stiffer penalties than the average citizen. Instead, cops who break the law often get a slap on the wrist or face no consequence at all.

All of these freedom loving “patriots” consider their own right to exercise the First Amendment sacred, but have no problem when police trample on the First Amendment rights of anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Law enforcement officers routinely target, arrest & assault members of the press who are only there to cover protests.

Members of the media have a right to attend and report on protests under the First Amendment and law enforcement officials have a responsibility not to prevent or obstruct their work.

In numerous incidents across the country, law enforcement personnel specifically targeted media representatives with

chemical irritants, kinetic impact projectiles, arrest and detention.

Several members of the media have been severely injured by the use of kinetic impact projectiles as s result of being targeted by police in a series of incidents during BLM protests. Amnesty International documented cases in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Columbus, Ohio; Des Moines, Iowa; and Raleigh, North Carolina, where members of the media who were there to document protests were affected by the deployment of tear gas & suffered serious injuries, including permanent loss of vision,

resulting from kinetic impact projectiles, and/or were detained and arrested without proper access to medical

care and disclosure of rights.

These were not “violent” porotesters. They were non-participants who were easily identifiable as members of the press. The reason they target members of the press, is because cops resent being held to account for their actions.


I think it would be great if the lines got so blurred, there weren’t any parties and people didn’t get entrenched in viewpoints simply because of which side they’re on.


I expect no less from them.