Vote for anyone but Geoff Auslen, the owner of Glenn’s repair

May 19, 2022


SLO County supervisor candidate Geoff Auslen has earned the dubious distinction of being one of the rudest business owners in Atascadero. An issue that voters need to consider when choosing who to elect in the June election.

As the owner of Glenn’s Repair & Rental, Auslen works as a small engine mechanic and leases out equipment. Long before he announced his candidacy, members of the community have trashed Auslin on Google and Yelp because of his alleged rude and bullying behavior.

Here are a few reviews: Nick Crafts on Google, “Very rude and not helpful. Now I know where NOT to take my business.” Guy Callari on Google, “Most expensive and least trustworthy repair shop in the area.” And from Jessica S. on Yelp, “The owner was extremely rude and acted like we were idiots.”

Can you imagine how he will treat constituents who have an issue. Vote for anyone but Geoff Auslen.

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Well, also we now know that Geoff Auslen doesn’t tell the truth:

#1 Dr Bruce Jones served as chair of the Templeton Area Advisory Group for 3 years, so he didn’t ‘just move here’ like Auslen states in his ads and mailers.

#2 Dr Jones supports law enforcement. He just listened to the residents of Templeton who were overwhelmingly against putting an emergency dispatch center with a well-over 100′ tall tower on Main Street. No one had an objection to placing it somewhere else in Templeton, just not at the Main Street off ramp —the gateway to Templeton. (Funny that San Luis Obispo objected to a shorter tower being sited at the county jail because it was too ugly!)

Not to mention, too, that, on the KVEC Dave Congalton show, Auslen stated that Dr. Jones is not a homeowner, but lives in a ‘granny unit,’ implying that Dr. Jones can’t support Prop 13.

Vote wisely people.

So now people want to evaluate political candidates based on Yelp reviews? I don’t know,…..maybe we should have Yelp reviews for ALL politicians. Heck, why not for every government employee?

I have spent thousands of dollars there and had several pieces of equipment repair by Glenn’s Repair. I go there for the expertise and quality of repair and product. Trying going to Lowes or Home Depot and asking an employee about the products and you will get a blank stare. I have always been treated with respect and honestly at Glenn’s for over 15+ years. Geoff owns and runs the business and gives advice some people don’t like, it does not makes financial sense to “repair” a old cheap lawn mower some one is trying to save form the land fill and he will tell you that. The previous owner John was the same way, if it is financially in your best interest they will tell you that whether you want to hear it or not, and every shop is back logged this time of year as most people wait until the weeds are 3 feet tall. The beauty of it, you can choose where you want to go.

I have done business with Geoff and when he told me that I was wasting my money, I had enough understanding to know that he was correct and not being insulting. On the other hand, in my wife’s business, she is always pleasant, patient, engages with her customers specific needs and has my income to afford pleasing everyone (somewhat). I can only explain the math and sometimes the answer is not good in an owner operated business. In a government job the reality is that you are spending somebody else’s money, almost like having that second income and walla, you don’t ever have to be short.

I went in once. He was not very friendly but I got what I needed. It’s his business to run the way he chooses.

Sorry Auslen the smile doesn’t cover up the fact that you are very rude to your customers even though the other workers are nice and say that’s just the way you are and don’t mean it it still comes off as very unacceptable and i know because i experienced it. Sorry you are not a people person so job does not fit you

I can attest to Geoff Auslen’s rudeness because I had a lawnmower that needed fixing. He told me to go somewhere else and that I was wasting his time when I asked if there was a chance he might get to my mower sooner than the 3 week wait he estimated. I asked my two neighbors where they take their equipment, and they said anywhere but Glenn’s Repair! I bit the bullet and bought a new mower.

Like I said in previous article, more evidence he is really a Democrat. Rude and self-centered. Like he said himself, “Geoff with “G”, who is really no different than GIbson with a “G”. Please don’t waste your vote on either of these Progressive/Democrat fools.

Coming from me, we gotta settle down and let peoples ideologies speak for them. Give some talking points as to how he sees issues that matter; infrastructure, public programs, utilities, etc; and who he’s affiliated with economically. Not really about someone’s political identity, people are more than two words like democrat or republican.

Interesting. I only returned to Glenn’s Repair once the previous owner and Glenn himself was there. Not a fan of the previous owners but Geoff has been great. I align with those who gave positive yelp reviews.

I bought alot of propane from there,on the cheap always; generally understood what I needed, and when I didn’t know something and humbly asked; advice was given. He came off as a confident business owner who’s a local shop, with a personality that’s a bit sassy. And I’m not voting for the guy, I just appreciate small business and can set aside personality traits, doing that I find common ground, by not taking everything personally. It’s a big world.