SLO County questioning Coastal Commission’s plans for Los Osos

May 30, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on May 17 not to adopt the California Coastal Commission’s recommendation to prohibit accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Cambria and Los Osos, at least not until the county has an opportunity to voice their concerns.

SLO County Planning Director Trevor Keith plans to speak with Coastal Commission staff regarding the hard line the state agency has taken in Los Osos and Cambria in light of the state’s mandated reaction to the housing crisis that encourages the development of ADUs. The supervisors have until Aug. 11 to adopt the commission’s recommendations.

If the county does not prohibit new ADUs in Los Osos and Cambria as recommended, the Coastal Commission could sue SLO County or at least continue to appeal the ADU projects and then deny them after applicants  spend time and money on the process.

In addition, the Coastal Commission wants the county to prohibit ADUs being built on prime agricultural lands. Before approving any ADUs in the coastal communities of Avila Beach, Cayucos, Oceano and San Simeon, the commission also wants the applicant to show access to off-street parking, another requirement that could limit housing in those areas.

In April, California Coastal Commission Deputy Director Dan Carl sent several strong letters to Keith requesting that the county discontinue the practice of accepting Coastal Development Permit applications in Los Osos and Cambria, effectively stopping most development in the two communities.

Keith responded in an April 28 letter that explains that the county is not currently accepting applications for ADU’s in Los Osos while it awaits direction from the Board of Supervisors.

During public comment on May 17, planner Jeff Edwards warned the supervisors of long-term issues adopting the Coastal Commission’s recommendation could create.

“Accepted the decision may have long-range adverse implications, in particular as it relates to Los Osos,” Edwards said. “I urge your board not to be bluffed or bullied by the Coastal Commission.”

The supervisors will re-hear the item no later than Aug. 9.

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Los Osos has gotten packed full over the last ten years and yall want to add ADU’s? Where are the occupants even gonna park? It’s a small town. I’d say Osos is already at capacity just based on observation. Drive around town then tell me I’m wrong; doubtful.

It’s Drill baby Drill for the winery’s that pump so much of our water and convert it to booze to send to china. But god forbid we hook up some extra toilets and taps for local access.

It’s a joke. Residential water use is literally drops in the bucket compared to what our local *agriculture zoned* bleeds from the water table daily. It’s makes me sick to my stomach how blind some of you are. Drunk off the wine that kills our future, angry at the peon locals who beg for scraps, yet complain about elites ruining the area.

Cen cal life = hypocrite existence

These lyrics came before the Coastal Commission:

Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what

you got ’till it’s gone

They paved paradise to put

up a parking lot

Yes, you are preaching to the choir. Hypocrites Anonymous is a big club.

Why are we expanding our communities when we are short of water? Development should not occur based on short term thinking, with the future water “sharing” “cutbacks” “conservations” “rate increases” burdening the existing long term residents.

The best and obvious answer for why is because local government needs the money. Once upon a time we could badmouth the developers for their need for profit without concern for protecting our local quality of life but the real culprit has finally walked out from the shadows. Yes, water or not the County wants development cuz they will strip rural property owners of their water rights until they can lay claim to the overlyer’s water-rights countywide and then sell water to feed their need. Remember they are not us, law requires funding payroll and pensions first, roads and infrastructure are prioritized as the REMAINING budget allows.

“payroll and pensions first”

Red or Blue, it doesn’t matter who

Blue or Red, the taxpayer’s dead

We are expanding so worker bees like myself can have a place to live. Our local workers are priced out. Rental market is unhinged from reality. People want to charge $4,000 a month for a 3 bedroom, and also expect you to survive on $18-22 an hour.

Fine if you don’t like ADU’s, then are you okay if we outlaw short term rentals like airbnb and vrbo? Or ban owning second homes? Because honestly we aren’t left with many other options.

Aging community here that is pricing out the people they rely on to serve them… Take a moment to think about where Joe shmoe construction worker and Plain Jane dry cleaner live…

These adu’s aren’t going to mysteriously be filled by outsiders and “others”. It’s going to be immediately filled by desperate long time locals who are running out of options.

Most have the need to move, the I want to stay will have to make lifestyle sacrifices to do so. The new just have been priced out already, can’t afford legal representation and the list is growing. Time to move, many have and the prices have gone up elsewhere for that reason, race is on.

Am good with outlawing short term rentals like airbnb and vrbo. Am also good with ADUs, IF there is water.

The water will be taken from the Salina River which once flowed North. SLO has a permit for 45,000 acre-feet and currently only uses about 6,000 of that.

It would be fair to not grant ADU’s at this time .Instead grant water and sewer hookups to all properties , then when the water and sewer systems can handle ADU’s so be it ….The new lot split rules currently supported by state laws is the drive behind the ADU’s . SLO county assessor will be in agreement of ADU’s as it will remove properties from decades old Prop 13 protection and of course the lot splits will also remove the Prop 13 protections .Each ADU and each lot split would easily generate $20k to $40k in fees and at minimum $8k per year per ADU and lot split in reappraised property taxes . As most including myself agree the Coastal Commission must be disbanded permanently

Coastal commission members should have to run for office…. Keep them in line a bit….

Houses with no water won’t do anybody any good. “They” tell us to conserve, conserve, conserve, oh, and by the way you’re getting 1000 new neighbors…

What does “effectively stopping most development” actually mean? Sounds great, but is meaningless. I would say that “adverse implications” for Jeff Edwards means his personal income will go down; who cares what this guy thinks. I need water to survive; other people need water to generate profit or a larger tax base. Interesting dilemma.