SLO police seek help identifying alleged credit card thieves

June 24, 2022


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is asking the public for help with identifying two individuals who allegedly used stolen credit cards at Target last week.

Investigators are circulating surveillance images of the suspects walking into Target on June 18.The men then used the stolen cards to purchase items from the store.

Detectives are asking anyone who can provide information about the suspects to contact Officer Donovan at (805) 594-8033.

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Credit card companies do not care, they just write it off as a business expense. I was notified that my credit card was being used to buy coffee at a hotel in New York City while I was at home. I told the security caller to deny the charge. But I wanted to see the video camera of the thief in the hotel. The Capitol One security guy said no, they would just let it go. It was only $5, not worth their time to even notify the New York police. So the card companies really don’t care, so I don’t care and the police don’t care. The criminals have won.

The trick is to keep all your cards maxed out so that when the thieves go to use them they get declined. HOW EMBARASSING lol. I get all my life tips from Jared Benson.

I have cards that have chips Because according to the company, it makes them more secure. I have no idea how that would be more secure?

Only use Amex, payoff each month and never, never, never do online transfers. Digital money is just that, 1’s or 0’s, and globally you are being set up for a fish thence a taking. Notice the banks are disappearing, your keystrokes will be what remains, very scary and one server crash from something to nothing. I don’t mean to sound so paranoid but this is easily verifiable. I laugh at the Amazon threats, I have never had an account or use their service, just another fish attempt and they keep rolling in.

Who cares?

The credit card companies don’t.

They just pass the loss on to the consumer.

Bought gas in SLO with a credit card last week and no PIN or Zip Code was required whatsoever.

Didn’t I read just recently a similar case of stolen credit cards was made for thousands of dollars of big ticket items and the store didn’t even bother to ask for ID.

I wonder why as many gas stations have gone to having to use your pin number when using a CC to purchase fuel, that retailers don’t require the same at the point of sale.

Kinda dumb if you ask me.