Making progress on lowering costs and making communities safer

August 3, 2022

Congressman Salud Carbajal

Opinion by Congressman Salud Carbajal

A lot has happened in Washington these past few weeks, so I wanted to take a moment to share a short update. My colleagues and I have been working to curb inflation and bring down costs, make our communities safer, and help our veterans and people experiencing homelessness.

Bringing down the cost of cars and computers

Supply chain disruptions have caused a shortage of semiconductors and other computer chips in the U.S., causing prices of many household goods—from cars to everyday appliances—to skyrocket.

This is largely because, despite the fact that we pioneered the microchip, the United States relies on foreign countries for nearly 90% of our semiconductors now—making us vulnerable to global shortages and disruptions.

This past week, I helped send the CHIPS and Science Act to President Joe Biden’s desk to become law. This landmark bill will help bring semiconductor manufacturing back to America, create thousands of new hi-tech jobs, and invest in research and development of more cutting-edge technology.

Getting weapons of war off our streets

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I’ve seen firsthand the destruction that assault rifles are capable of inflicting.

They are weapons of war, and they have no place in our communities or on our streets.

Last week, I voted to reimplement a ban on the sale, import, transfer, or manufacturing of assault weapons to make our communities safer and crack down on the weapon of choice for many criminals and mass shooters. I’ve co-sponsored this measure since my first year in Congress, and I’m pleased to see it finally pass the House.

This bill is the first ban on assault weapons since the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004. Researchers estimate that if the assault weapons ban had been kept in place, there would have been 70% fewer mass shootings over the past two decades.

This measure would build on the commonsense gun safety measure we got signed into law last month, including the bill I wrote to expand and improve the use of red flag laws nationwide.

Expanding use of a Central Coast homelessness solution

In the early 2000s, the Central Coast pioneered the nation’s first ‘safe parking program’, which provides people experiencing homelessness and are living in their vehicle with a designated place to park, as well as sanitary facilities and other assistance to help them get back on their feet.

Since coming to Congress, I’ve shared the story of this successful program as part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle the housing and homelessness crisis in California and across the country.

Last week, my bill—the Naomi Schwartz Safe Parking Program Act—was approved by a House committee—marking the first time Congress has taken a step toward opening federal funds to support  local communities that want to implement these programs.

Tackling climate change here at home, fighting drought and wildfires

In California, catastrophic and year-round fire seasons and historic drought are two of the most devastating impacts of the climate crisis. We see these impacts every single day, including just this week as we lost multiple Californians to the McKinney Fire, our largest so far this year.

The House recently passed the Wildfire Response and Drought Resiliency Act,  which will strengthen our electrical grids against extreme weather and natural disasters, improve our response to wildfires and drought, and provide assistance to families, communities, and businesses on the Central Coast when a disaster does strike.

These investments will build on the billions of dollars I helped secure for wildfire and drought response through our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.


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Jorge Estrada

Congress is like tennis, when it’s your turn to serve you get to score.


We will always respect Mr. Carbajal for protecting democracy and having the courage to stand in opposition to would-be dictator Donald Trump. Thank you for your service.


Most people really don’t care what you have to say. You have proven to be a weak and cowardly representative. You’re extremely partisan and closed minded to those in your district with a different opinion than your political talking points from Pelosi.

The illegal immigration has exploded under your watch, not to mention the drug epidemic, violent crimes against and the thousands of deaths that are a direct result of the failed leadership by you and your party. You and the majority of those in the house and Senate, are out of touch with reality and the struggles of the average American. That goes to both sides of the isle. You all are failing in your duties. Who pays the price? Not you. We, the hard-working taxpayer trying to make ends meet while the destructive policies you continue to push tear us down in all areas of our lives.

You, like most in this nation that are to suppose be working for us as your employer, aren’t worthy of being taken seriously in any bloviating words you speak. You are nothing more than a noisy gong.

Please, no more “out of touch” opinions. You’re embarrassing yourself.


I agree 100%

Jorge Estrada

We have our governments routinely misappropriating taxpayer’s funds, prioritizing funding as they may affect re-election and straying away from the benefits for citizenry.


“Making progress on lowering costs and making communities safer”

Salud Carbajal

This is just a mean joke right?…..

What an egregious flagrant brazen falsehood…..


Why is it that I can not believe anything this man says? He’s AWOL until he needs some recognition, especially before his election periods. His biases make it impossible for him to represent ALL the people, and I can tell you, he does not represent me!


As a single, full time parent who has watched meth heads in the bushes take over my State, 6 dollar gas, schools close to destroy kids lives…..Salud, you ever go to big City and see how wonderful it is there? You rich utopian dreamers who think you know what’s best for everyone have thrown Ca in the trash. Nice job….of course you clueless folks who keep voting these people into office are to blame.


Katcho was a nice guy but also a lock step Republican who supported the very worst extremist policies promoted by the GOP, including the election of Donald Trump. When Katcho was a county supervisor he wasted money left and right, including having his hands in pushing for the multi million dollar boondoggle known as the Oceano community center, that to this day has never served as a community center because there was no money to run it and that has since been turned over to the school district for administrative offices. We love Kocho because he was an immigrant who became very financially successful through hard work. But the policies he supported have really screwed over our community in the long run. Sorry. RIP


I do not listen to the opinion of someone who accused a good, decent man of hating women and immigrants:


I knew Katcho personally, and he was a first-class human being.

That slimy attack by Carbajal and Pelosi was a perfect example of what we do NOT need in our politics and government.

Adam Trask

You mean, like the “slimy attack” on the U.S. Capitol on 1-6-2021? That kind of slimy attack?

Or the attack on immigrants in 2016 when they were labeled as “rapists” and “criminals?” That kind of slimy attack?

Pretty sure that Carbajal came out against bills that were objectionable to most Californians that were endorsed by Katcho. Katcho was a decent man, but he was a simple businessman and had little grasp of many of the issues he rubber stamped, such as the continued use of highly destructive chemicals used by the Ag industry. Look it up.


And I have known Salud since his days of being an aid to the SB Mayor. He is a phony, retail politician, always was, and always will be.

And this “weapons of war” bit…come on man, how about some originality. By the way, I am aware of his USMC reservist background but I wasn’t aware that he had any combat experience, which he intimated in his statement.


Nope… combat experience whatsoever:


Like I said, phony.