Man’s body found in field in San Luis Obispo

September 30, 2022


A local person found a dead body near the edge of a field in San Luis Obispo on Thursday morning, in an area homeless people congregate.

After the caller reported the death, investigators went to the field located off of Los Osos Valley Road east of Highway 101. San Luis Obispo police officers are investigating the death with assistance from the county coroner’s office.

The deceased is a 37-year-old homeless man.

Investigators do not believe foul play was involved in the death.

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Did we hold an election where we voted for our leaders to ignore the homeless problem?… because I sure don’t remember one… this has gotten out of hand and needs to be reigned in… every over grown bush has some guy living under it… they have taken over parks and streets and are living in dangerous conditions… we must tell our elected leaders and law enforcement to do their sworn duty and uphold the law… arrest these folks on vagrancy charges and lock them up so they can get clean and maybe find a job and be productive… we would be doing them a huge favor and maybe save their life…

Am I the only one that cares about this?… and where do they poop?…