Rep. Salud Carbajal visits war-torn Ukraine

December 14, 2022

Rep. Salud Carbajal standing in front of Russian tanks in Kyiv


Central Coast Congressman Salud Carbajal visited war-torn Ukraine with a bipartisan congressional delegation over the weekend, after which he announced his commitment to promoting support for the country in Congress.

“This weekend, I traveled to Ukraine as part of a bipartisan delegation from the House Armed Services Committee to see firsthand the human costs of Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine and meet with members of Ukraine’s government and armed forces,” Carbajal stated in a tweet on Tuesday. “Our bipartisan delegation met with Ukraine’s civilian and military leaders as well as everyday Ukrainians — all of whom wielded a resolve to defeat their invaders that is undeterred by the rapidly-descending winter. The tenacity of their grit and their hope impressed us all.”

While Congress is finalizing funding bills this week, Carbajal is committed to sharing what the delegation saw and heard, the congressman said. He will also reaffirm in Congress the need to stand with Ukraine and continue humanitarian and security aid from both the United States and its allies Carbajal said.

Carbajal tweeted a photo of himself in central Kyiv, along with photos of him meeting with officials.

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Great job, Mr. Carbajal. Educating yourself on that war is vital, considering the U.S. Congress has now approved over $100 billion in aid to the war torn nation.

I hope we will receive a report on your trip as soon as possible. I also hope you will be able to beat back Republican opposition to our assistance to a nation that is under siege from an authoritarian regime.

Maybe he could stay there.

Should be spending his time on our southern border to see first hand the human cost of the failed policies there.

I 100% agree, but it goes against the narrative his party is trying to promote. If you ask the current administration and most democrats, it’s as usual, misinformation.

Congressman Salud Carbajal also recently returned from a trip to Cuba. Did not see anything in the media re this trip re trade with Cuba! In my opinion, the voters have themselves to blame!

That was just a cigar run

We need to get out of there and focus on fixing California. Homelessness, housing shortage, drug plague…let the Europeans support Ukraine

Why oh why do these public servants find it necessary to spend our money to wander around the world, does he actually think he can do some good there.

Why is a California congressman in Ukraine?… for what purpose?… did he fly on his own dime?… I sure hope so….

He flew on taxpayers dime as they all do. It amazes me how all these elected officials go to other countries to lend support and won’t even do it at our border or in our slum cities Hypocrysts

I have always questioned his financial decisions, this field trip for one congressman serves one vote at what cost. Then we have the impacts on foreign relations, how does this show boat, fueling the fight, free Americans in Russian captivity? We may have to notice all Americans that when you travel abroad, in a communist country or a country that is an ally to a communist country, you are on you own. If you bring illegal drugs, you might think about that too.

“We may have to notice all Americans that when you travel abroad”

The state department does in fact warn US travelers, people just need to read them.

Finally! Good news.

How much total money did Carbajal accept from SBF not that the indictment has been released where SBF donated to democrats with money stolen from customers in other names? Instead of charity, Salud needs to send the money to the bankruptcy trustees to repay defrauded investors, not to a charity that supports him. Secondly, shocking that Salud is in Kiev, a war torn county posing in front of tanks, as billions have gone missing from this fraud scheme.

“Now, on his weird post-collapse apology tour, Bankman-Fried claims that was not the whole picture. In an interview with Tiffany Fong this week, he said he gave roughly the same amount to Republicans and was the party’s second- or third-largest donor as well, mostly in the primary. But those donations were hidden, he claimed: “Despite Citizens United being literally the highest-profile Supreme Court case of the decade and the thing everyone talks about with campaign finance, for some reason, in practice, no one can possibly fathom the idea that someone actually gave dark. All my Republican donations were dark.”

The reason was cynical, if realistic: “Reporters freak the fuck out if you donate to a Republican,” he told Fong. “They’re all secretly liberal, and I didn’t want to have that fight, so I made all the Republican ones dark.” Just as the financial press was credulous about FTX’s prowess, the political press was too quick to believe that Bankman-Fried’s giving was all in the open.” The Atlantic.