Why I support Hollander for Paso Robles school board

March 7, 2023

Christopher Arend


I originally endorsed Kenney Enney for the special election in April when he announced that he would run.  However, I now find that I must withdraw my endorsement.

I now fully endorse Angela Hollander.  I met Angela Hollander for the first time a few months ago and suggested, after a very good, lengthy discussion about education at the Cider Creek Bakery, that she should also apply for the appointment to fill the vacancy, but she chose not to do so at that time.  She has now decided to run for office.

She is knowledgeable and has been involved in education as a volunteer for many years, recently assisting students in obtaining scholarships.  I am convinced that she will deliver excellent service on the board for the PRJUSD and its students.

I served on the school board from 2018 to 2022 and held the position as president in my last two years in office. When board member Bausch resigned to take a seat on the city council, I encouraged Kenney Enney to apply for appointment.

I had met with Kenney a couple of times previously and was extremely impressed with his record, especially in the military. Kenney was appointed, but enough voters signed the petition to hold a special election to permanently fill the vacancy, all in accordance with California law.

In the meantime, I have been very disappointed by Kenney Enney’s actions and those of his supporters.

I was still in office and involved with the PRJUSD when the petition for the special election was circulated and certified, including several discussions about the process and legal points with Superintendent Dubost.

Superintendent Dubost is very aware of the issues surrounding potential use of school resources, including employee working hours, for such petitions and board elections. He made sure from the very start that Ms. Alvord also knew and followed the rules, and she did so.

For my part, I saw absolutely no improper use of school district resources or bias on the part of either the PRJUSD or SLO County.  Both Superintendent Dubost as well as Superintendent Brescia took legal advice throughout the process, maintained strict neutrality and played it by the book.

However, Kenney Enney decided to file a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission. Unfortunately, he felt no need to provide a copy of the actual complaint to the press or otherwise disclose the complaint to the public.

His press release about the complaint makes vague accusations about improper use of District resources but does not state one specific fact to support the accusation. In the meantime, I have seen the complaint.

Aside from stating some general, superficial points to satisfy the minimum requirements for any complaint of this type, the complaint does not state a single fact to substantiate the accusations. The complaint was dismissed out of hand on March 2, 2023.

Kenney Enney did not obtain permission to use a PRJUSD asset, namely, the PRJUSD logo which constitutes intellectual property belonging to the PRJUSD. Some of his supporters have apparently also used the logo without permission.

Despite receiving a cease and desist letter, Kenney Enney has persisted in using the logo based on the argument that this is covered by the “fair use” exception in copyright law. I read the law differently, but I am not an advisor to the PRJUSD.

Be that as it may, basic civility dictates that a person ask the PRJUSD for permission before using the logo. I encourage the PRJUSD to take all reasonable action to assert its rights, including applying to a court for an order enjoining any further use.

One of Mr. Enney’s main concerns about the school district is apparently that some online material used in the district contained a link to material which then contained another indirect link to a book which is inappropriate for children. That issue arose while I was still in office.

The link was disabled and a process was immediately initiated to make sure that links contained in school district materials are restricted so that they do not indirectly lead to material which is not age appropriate.

Mr. Enney has now made an issue out of the link incident by arguing that Superintendent Dubost supposedly should have filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney to trigger an investigation about making obscene material available to children.

I recall having discussed this suggestion with Curt Dubost a while back and before Mr. Enney turned it into a campaign issue. Filing a criminal complaint in this situation would have simply been a waste of everybody’s time, especially at the District Attorney’s office.

Many of Kenney Enney’s supporters and perhaps Mr. Enney himself have still not understood the concept for a “community school” at the 36th street site. It is simply absurd to argue that a “community school” in Paso Robles would be some sort of socialist indoctrination center.  These folks should take the time to read the California Community Schools Partnership Act (Ed. Code §§8900-8902).  My own vision is that the new community school can soon become a center of academic excellence.

Above all, I am disturbed by Kenney Enney’s hostile attitude toward Superintendent Dubost. He has been an excellent leader for the district through the financial and operational turmoil left by his predecessor Chris Williams, the COVID crisis when we pushed as aggressively as possible to keep our schools open, and also through the “culture war” issues.

I have seen many CEOs during my professional career, and Curt Dubost is certainly one of the best.

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Mr. Arend has no standing.

He was ineffectual, rude, condescending, a poor leader and certainly a poor representative of the Board and office for which he was elected to serve.

An ill-mannered Board President who ignored the rules and ordinances he swore to uphold, and did so out of his own sense of superiority and self-important narcissistic attitude.

He was dismissive of parents who sought accountability from this Board. Accountability for actions in the classroom and on campus.

Look at our school’s test scores, on-campus gang activity, on-campus drug activity, reduction of student enrollment and the number of teachers leaving the district to go somewhere they will heard, protected and valued.

Clearly he has an agenda here. But I find nothing he has to say in this piece credible or of any importance.

He has no clout. And his message serves no purpose other than to trash one candidate in favor of his personal choice.

All this from the man who was NOT re-elected to serve!

If you want more of the same vote Hollander. Should not we aim for balance? Better to have a guy who asks questions and has parental best interests than to have everyone on the board who agrees and just bats their eyes. They don’t like him bc he’s a PIA, he’s got my vote!!

Sour grapes much? Seems to me that Mr. Arhend is upset that he wasn’t re-elected and is using this opportunity to fight against some of the very things he spoke out against during his time as a trustee-including his very own ‘Yes’ vote on Mr. Enney’s appointment.

It is obvious who is responsible for posting those unapproved and inappropriate links is the same person who started the petition to remove Mr. Enney from his appointed trustee position. (The trustee position that you yourself voted yes on his appointment.) You seem mighty sure that she didn’t use school resources, time, or coercion to gain signatures. What about lies? Mr. Enney was portrayed as a bigot and anti-so-many-things but at one time you supported him. What changed? Surely it’s not what you stated in your letter as those are secondary issues that have little to do with his ideals and hopes for the district.

Hollander says nothing other than to recite her resume and talk about herself and her accomplishments that have nothing to do with what makes her qualified to serve. She just keeps repeating that she has 45 years of experience with children but doesn’t say how that qualifies her to be a trustee. Her own son didn’t go to PRHS because she didn’t feel it was a “good fit” due to a trimester grading system. Yeah, sure, Angela. She claims to be a fiscal conservative and wants tax dollars to be spent wisely yet this special election is costing over 500k of district funds. She won’t answer if she supports the Trevor Project on school devices. She has a typical contrived answer about whether or not she supports CRT and claims it’s not being taught. Hollander gave very intentionally evasive and deceptive answers to some serious concerns of the parents in our district. Her statements about community schools were an outright lie.

Furthermore, many of the people endorsing Hollander are the very same people who speak aggressively on social media and at board meetings in support of social issues that have no business in primary or even high school education. The same people who berate the school board and make everything about race and sexual orientation. The same people who campaigned for an activist trustee candidate who didn’t get elected.

Also, what about the campaign donations to Cogan, S. Williams, and Hiteshew in the final weeks of their campaigns? The law states they have to donate that to another campaign if it’s not spent. Where was it donated? Look at the people who are supporting Hollander. It’s nefarious.

Something is suspicious. It’s not far-fetched to think that the people who tried to stack the board with radical liberal activist trustees would corroborate to remove Mr. Enney and attempt to elect another liberal establishment talking head.

If you’re for parental rights and for the actual students who attend school in our district, do not vote for Hollander.

THANK YOU Chris Arend for being a partisan hack. It’s obvious the Angela is just a mouthpiece and will do whatever she is told.

I listened to her radio interview and she blatantly avoided answering questions. She can’t even be honest with what her views are because like all liberals, they can’t be honest until they get into office.

A vote for Angela is a vote against our kids.

All she worried about is what other adults think of her, the interview was all “ME and I”.

You know you are Wingnut Supreme when even a wingnut like Arend is against you.

Due to the misappropriation of public funds and other abuses by the former Superintendent of Schools and the passivity by members of the school board regarding these abuses, the abused taxpayers of Paso Robles don’t trust anybody on the school board anymore.

Now I support Kenny Enney even more fervently after reading this “Alvord influenced” hit piece by one of now willing minions. GO KENNY!!!!!!!

Certainly a lot of lines to read between which only forges a higher level of support for Kenny. It would be dangerous to only enlist the team players, some don’t drink the coolaid and that may be the one person that saves everyone else. Certainly education can afford some level of safety.

Certainly a lot of lines to read between” It’s called imagination, to see things that are not there.

“some don’t drink the coolaid and that may be the one person that saves everyone else. “

Oh look it’s the” good guy with the gun” fantasy repurposed for a school board.

Ohh Kenny you are our only hope.. /s

An excellent opinion piece, brings to light issues I was unaware of and did so with persuasiveness and respect. Superb. Thank you CCN, one of the best pieces in a long time.