Dow calls for extending statute of limitations for sex crimes

April 18, 2023

District Attorney Dan Dow


San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow called at an event on Monday for California to extend the statute of limitations for felony domestic violence and sexual assault crimes. [KCOY]

At an annual event held by the DA’s office in support of crime victims’ rights, Dow asked the local community to support a pair of bills in the state Legislature that would extend the statute of limitations for those two categories of offenses. Dow said it is important for California to eliminate the statute of limitations for felony sex crimes and seven U.S. states have already done so. 

“There should be no limit, no time limit on a victim of rape, or a victim of child sexual assault, to be able to have the criminal and victim justice system come and support them,” Dow said.

Dow added that crime victims in California are frustrated with the state’s criminal justice reforms.

“Since 2011, our state has been focused on prison populations and reducing populations, and so they’ve been working on the criminal justice system to reform it, and all the while, not realizing that these changes have an affect on the victims of crime,” Dow said. “Victims are frustrated when they see their offender out in the community long before they served their entire sentence.”

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Excellent! Can’t wait for Dow to charge my ex wife for attempted murder!

I agree with Mr. Dow. Now let’s do that across the board with all criminal activity. Time to get this insanity under control. It would be nice to feel safe going anywhere again. Unfortunately, we still have a way to go in flipping this soft on crime garbage.

Good idea!

I wonder if Dawn Addis would support this?

Good Job Dan! No Limits! To many victims become victims of our broken system, as much as they were by the offender. I would rather see a thief go free! Letting out rapists’ and child molesters just doesn’t make sense. People who attack people are the sick and don’t rehabilitate. They should all be life sentences. As those victims are forced to carry the offense for life! Neither Castration nor therapy makes these offenders well. IT’s an offense of control. They are sick. They will always want to re-offend.