Paso Robles teen brandishes a weapon, lands in jail

May 5, 2023

Izaiah Coleman


Officers arrested a Paso Robles teen on Thursday after he posted a photo of himself brandishing what appeared to be a handgun on Instagram.

Working together, officers with the Paso Robles Police Department and the San Luis Obispo County Department pulled over a car driven by 19-year-old Izaiah Coleman. The teen was on probation and under an active arrest warrant.

Coleman drew the attention of officers after he brazenly posted photos of himself on social media brandishing what appeared to be a handgun.

During the traffic stop, Coleman was arrested without incident. Officers searched his vehicle and located a loaded Glock handgun
with an extended magazine, which appeared to be the same gun brandished in the social media post.

Officers seized the gun and booked Coleman in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on several felony weapons violations and probation violations.

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Sagging is still a thing? huh.

He needs a belt, too. Why do some kids walk around with their pants down and their underwear showing? How did that ever come into fashion?

Bet he grew up poor, by a single mom; lacked resources. And here we are. Poverty. And single moms, do a very bad job usually.

Yet the courts almost always give custody to the moms and give heavy child support orders to the fathers which leave them financially handicapped. No wonder there are so many angry and dysfunctional children in this country.

Nothing better than two dudes talking bout women…..

You know these “Fathers” could choose to wear protection and avoid that pesky child support.

No tears lost here for dead beat dads.

It is lazy to blame impoverished, abandoned, mothers for society’s ills.

News flash. Having children leaves most everyone financially handicapped. Don’t want to pay for them? Don’t have them.

Jail seems to be the best place for him at this time. Hopefully he can get his act together and be a productive member of society. If not, he will most likely end up in prison, getting himself killed, or worse yet hurting or killing someone else. So many in his situation due to drugs, alcohol, which leads to irresponsibility, unaccountability and the destruction ones life that follows.

(the sound of children screaming has been removed) 

“Texas congressman says people who think ‘prayers aren’t cutting it’ as a solution to gun violence ‘don’t believe in an almighty god who is absolutely in control of our lives.’ 9 people died in a mass shooting in his district today.”

As expected, radicalized gun owners are not mad that children were murdered, but get really mad when we bring up dead children because it undermines their argument of more guns for everyone.

These people are monsters. They value guns above human life.

We bring up dead children during discussions about abortion. As expected, you madly argue for more radicalized abortion.