Man dies in Los Osos RV fire

August 21, 2023


A man died in an RV fire in Los Osos Monday morning, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. 

At 10:30 a.m., a caller reported an RV on fire in the 1900 block of Turri Road. Firefighters arrived at the scene and found the vehicle fully engulfed in flames. 

Once firefighters extinguished the blaze, emergency personnel found the victim’s body inside the charred vehicle. 

Coroner’s detectives are in the process of identifying the deceased man. After they do so, sheriff’s officials will notify relatives and coroner’s personnel will conduct an autopsy.

A preliminary investigation indicates the fire was accidental. The investigation remains ongoing.

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RV’s are not equipped to live in 24-7… sooner or later the systems will degrade and things will stop working and that’s when bad things can happen like fires… what are we doing?… allowing dangerous encampments and illegal camping is not compassionate its reckless… some may feel good about themselves but they shouldn’t when they are allowing tragedies like this to happen…. The more California allows this the worse it will get… California holds 80% of the nations homeless because the word is out that there are no laws or rules anymore in the “Golden State”… Its become a free for all….

I’ve busted my ass to live here and now I have neighbors living in the bushes utilizing my police and emergency services and haven’t paid a dime in city state or county taxes…

Its wrong and it needs to stop now… The lawyers representing these people have blood on their hands…

I specifically contacted a number of departments about the rv’s on turri road. NOTHING was done as far as I can tell. As much as I sincerely despise the encampments etc( which is what i complained about) this is unacceptable treatment of other people who clearly need help.

County enforcement is terrible. Group of “move along nothing to see here” no action do nothings, worthless paper pushers, “when is my pension vested” bums.