Woman killed on Highway 166 in failed passing attempt

September 5, 2023


One person was killed and multiple people were injured after a driver on Highway 166 in San Luis Obispo County attempted to pass a vehicle ahead of him.

Shortly before 1 a.m., a black Chevy truck was headed eastbound when the driver, 28-year-old Arturo Garcia, attempted to pass the car in front of him and pulled directly in the path of a white Chevy truck.

The female passenger in Garcia’s truck was killed in the crash. Garcia and the driver of the white truck, Manuel Aguilera, 52, both suffer major injuries in the crash.

A Toyota Corolla headed westbound then collided into the two trucks, with the driver suffering minor injuries.

A bike on the back of Aguilera’s truck broke away and crashed into an eastbound Nissan Titan.

Firefighters rendered aid at the scene as two helicopters and other emergency responders made their way to the site of the collision. Emergency personnel airlifted and drove the patients to local hospitals.

The collision caused traffic to back up in the area on Highway 166.

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“… failed passing attempt.” Yes, I would agree that this incident probably easily qualifies as a “failed passing attempt.”

When will wee see some enforcement of reckless driving laws and speed limits? If the cops won’t do their job, we don’t need them just to come to the scene and say “yup, it’s another wreck alright”.

Speed enforcement at a lower threshold will stop much this carnage. What’s the threshold now? like 90+mph?

Following too close enforcement will also stop much of the present road rage.

Tailgating IS road rage!