Vic’s Cafe in Paso Robles shuts down after 80 years in business

December 13, 2023


After more than 80 years in business, Vic’s Cafe in Paso Robles has closed its doors. Staff served the last patrons at the cafe on Sunday.

The owners point at financial issues caused by the COVID pandemic and the city’s paid parking program as reasons for the closure.

“We have been hit hard by the Covid period and the downtown parking (so many customers made errors putting in their license plate and received tickets!),” the restaurant owners posted on Facebook. “We are not comfortable renewing our lease. Since we need to be out by the 31st, we have to stop early and sell equipment, etc.”


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Perfect example of how government large and small supports mom and pop shops.


It’s Vic’s with a C, not K. Sorry to see it go. Downtown breakfast restaurants are an important part of any American town.

It’s Vic’s with a C, not K.”


It’s sad to see a local business that was an institution to many die out.

Why does downtown parking require monitoring by highly paid administrators?

Nothing is being produced, parking spaces remain the same year after year

with no maintenance.

So the cities of Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo have joined the ranks of downtown killers, thanks to government greed.

The place was so good an extra buck or two kept everyone away? Yeah, that must have been it. Nothing like looking for the easy excuse…

Isnt the City Council doing a great job? Heck NO.


I think you’re missing the intent of your leaders. They want old non wine snob crowd biz’s gone. Remember the great eatery across from the Bowling alley?

Nice work by the 3 greedy council members who refused to listen to the downtown merchants. Hope you’re happy, John Hamon & pals.