Heather Moreno widens lead in SLO County District 5 supervisor race

March 9, 2024

Heather Moreno


Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno surged ahead Friday in the race for the San Luis Obispo County District 5 supervisor seat.

As of Friday evening, Moreno leads Atascadero Councilwoman Susan Funk by 772 votes, 53.71% to 46.29%. Election officials have counted 58,099 ballots, or more than 66% of those submitted. Another 28,698 countywide ballots remain uncounted.

Moreno led Funk by only 25 votes, 50.17% to 49.83%, in the initial election night tally.

The next count is scheduled for March 15.


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Heather will win if not stolen by the immoral Democrats/leftists who in fact stole the 2020 election.

Democrats and the left are purely evil throughout their entire being.

Good luck and best wishes Heather. You’re going to need it.

On the purely evil list, don’t forget to add all the Republican (some Trump appointees) judges that said there was no credible evidence of election fraud. And all the Republicans, in general, who also agreed the elections weren’t stolen.

Boy, Santa’s purely evil list is so big. Oh wait maybe Santa isn’t real and neither is the valid claim of a stolen election. Please don’t tell me the boogeyman isn’t real either.

They are really pushing this vote by mail and vote early. I went to my polling place and was asked “how can we help you?” I’d like to vote. “In person?” yes, in person. I got that look I get when a clerk asks me to scan my ID and I say all the information is on the front and show it to them. They’re not checking to see if it’s my credit card, they don’t care about that, they are getting ready to get rid of clerks altogether but first we must accept scanning our IDs.

No need to surrender your papers and effects without a warrant not even to the police.

Good luck Heather and good luck to the Gibson recall effort.

Good Luck to Heather. Obviously, you’ll be challenged by the three tax and spend maniacs, led by Bruce Gibson. Let’s hope the recall efforts work.

Elections have consequences, finally a race with a positive outcome!!!

They sure do. Those crazy pension costs are decided at the county level by people like Gibson and Moreno.

How long will it take for that lady in Paso to force another costly and unnecessary recount? Or for Eric G. in North County to claim election fraud? They are noticeably silent. Sucks to be them to live a miserable life of hypocrisy.

So, if Heather Moreno prevails by just 4 or 14 votes, the Funk Fans won’t request a recount? What’s wrong with insisting the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office double-check their work?

I don’t remember it ever taking this long to count the votes and getting the results. What’s happened?

This is how it has been for quite a while… Complaining about elections is the new part.

Here’s how votes are counted and results finalized during an election in California.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COUNT VOTES? Vote-by-mail ballots are the first to be counted, according to the California Secretary of State. County election officials start opening and processing vote-by-mail votes as early as 29 days before election day. On election day, officials must report the first round of election results to the Secretary of State “no more than two hours after they begin tallying votes after the polls close,” the office’s website said. The complete tally of votes is never fully finished on election night. In fact, votes are not fully counted until after the canvass period.

WHAT IS THE CANVASS PERIOD? The canvass period is a 30-day time period used to count all ballots and conduct a post-election audit. California county law grants election officials the time to “conduct a public 1% manual tally of the ballots tabulated by the county’s voting system,” according to the Secretary of State. A manual tally requires county election officials to manually count 1% of the votes for precincts that are chosen at random. This is done to verify the initial automated count, done by the electronic county’s voting system.

WHEN ARE RACE RESULTS FINAL? County election officials will need to finalize election results 30 days after the election, which is once the canvass period is over. The Secretary of State will then verify the results, which can take an additional 38 days after the election is over.

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article285994531.html#storylink=cpy

Wasn’t Debbie Arnold who wanted all votes counted by hand?