County opens sobering center in San Luis Obispo

June 22, 2024

Sobering center in San Luis Obispo ribbon cutting


San Luis Obispo County opened its first sobering center this week as a place for people who needs to sober up from drugs or alcohol and find a path forward.

Located in San Luis Obispo at the county health campus on Johnson Avenue, the facility has 10 to 12 beds available for people wanting to get clean. People can stay for three days while they sober up and consider their next steps.

The program, which provides short-term residential care, includes meals. The program is free for people 18 and older.


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Three days in not enough. Should be five. Some patients will still be in the thralls of detox at three days which in the case of alcohol can be life threatening.

Excellent. There is data to support these types of programs and the outcomes are good. Movement in the right direction.

Now we have to allow officials to force people into treatment.

Great news!… Now we must stop handing addicts cash on the street corner… they just use the money to buy drugs… give donations to programs such as this instead…

Good! Let’s put those drug cartels out of business.