Drunk driver slams into San Luis Obispo police vehicle on DUI patrol

June 20, 2024


An alleged drunk driver slammed into a San Luis Obispo police vehicle that was out on DUI patrol Wednesday night.

Two officers who were on DUI saturation patrol stopped a vehicle by the intersection of Los Osos Valley Road and Froom Ranch Way. During the stop, another driver rear-ended a police SUV, according to police.

Police determined the driver who hit the patrol vehicle had a blood alcohol level of 2.5 times the legal limit. Officers arrested the driver for DUI.


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The problem is the fines are so low, these rich trust fund kids just don’t learn a lesson with first time DUI’s. Maybe a felony conviction and a year in the state prison will get their attention. I’ve sat in a courtroom and saw these rich people just blow off tens of thousands penalties like it was nothing. Must be nice to have daddy’s attorney help reduce the incarceration time.

When will we learn that these people never see themselves as a threat, lose all judgement after their booze and can kill innocent people. We need to use the tech availabe now to stop the drunk from driving. It exists.

If the cops would stay out of the way it wouldn’t have happened.

Could have been a pedestrian or a shopping cart.

I guess that’s one way to find them…