San Luis Obispo police searching for Costco theft suspects

June 2, 2024


San Luis Obispo police are asking the public for helping with identifying two theft suspects who allegedly stole personal property and cash at Costco last month. 

Costco management reported the May 23 alleged theft, according to the SLO Police Department. Police released surveillance images of the two women, one of whom is seen walking with a cane and riding a motorized shopping cart.

Investigators ask that anyone who can help identify the suspects call Officer Cutler at (805) 594-8091.

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They would have to be members. Costco grosses $500k-$700k per day in SLO I think they could afford their own facial recognition software and identify them on their own.

They should let us know if they stole over $950, if not it a waste of our time to identify them because its a catch and release, even over $950 is no guarantee of prosecution. Change that first and we might be more inclined to help.

But they can see if there is a pattern.

Exactly, and what’s even worse is that the thieves know it!