White supremacists disrupt Atascadero City Council meeting

June 15, 2024


White supremacists disrupted an Atascadero City Council meeting on Tuesday, espousing their hatred of the LGBTQ community while promoting racism.

For more than a year, members of a neo-Nazi group located in California have used Zoom to spread hate at city council meetings throughout the nation. In March, the group disrupted a Pismo Beach City Council meeting voicing their hatred of Jewish and black people.

The group generally waits until members of the public attending in person speak before spouting hate through Zoom.

Last year, the Atascadero City Council decided to stop making proclamations in an attempt to focus time and revenue on city business. As a result, the council is no longer proclaiming June Pride Month.

During a June 11 meeting, three public speakers asked the council to again consider proclaiming June Pride Month as a show of support for members of the LGBTQ community. In addition, they asked people to attend a Pride festival at the Charles Paddock Zoo on Sunday.

On zoom, three speakers with what appeared to be fabricated names attacked gay people making false claims that they purposely spread sexually transmitted deceases and are more likely to molest children. City Attorney David Fleishman said he did not stop what appeared to be a Zoom bombing because the speakers were responding to previous comments regarding Pride Month.


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When your whole identity is based on your race, it’s a false claim. How can you have “pride” in something you had nothing to do with? “I’m proud to be _____!” What pray tell have you made of yourself?

Anti-Semitism is the world’s oldest hate. The Atascadero City Council is not a proper forum for anti-semitic hate.

It’s interesting to me that if you want to continue to divide the majority of America, you assign these idiots a “side.” Does this mean BLM, flag burners, and Antifa-types are all “left” and Democrats? Nah. Are all racists neo-nazi types way out in far-right land all Republicans? No. These are idiots—plain and simple, on both sides. Most of us compromise, meet in the middle, and want the same things. No one should condone these cowardly Zoom twits. Nor claim them.

Why not name the group. I would like to look these idiots up to see if I know any of them.

Likely they also post on CalCoastNews.com and the Tribune.

I didn’t see this level of outrage when other hate groups illegally demonstrated in the streets causing destruction and division.

” Freedom of Speech” I say let them voice their opinion, even if you disagree with it.

Why don’t you do a story on this white supremacy group located in California that is disrupting all of these zoom meetings? It seems that you already have enough info to know who they are and where they operated from, so tell us who they are? How many of them are there? Where are they grouping? Where and how do they meet? What sort of positions do they hold in our communities?

False flag. Very often, these types of public displays are actually Antifa types, trying to disparage the more conservative types in our community.

I never judge who did anonymous acts until the whole story comes out.

It is easier for you to believe that than to contemplate that your “side” has created a safe harbor for these groups to operate in.

Conservatives making excuses for racists disparages your own cause. You don’t need the help of Antifa to do that.

Which makes me believe you are not as conservative as you claim.

Just because one supports free speech does not make one condone racist loons that get joy in ruining a Zoom meeting with filth. I’m all for free speech until it goes beyond the law.

“Antifa”? is that how you think you can dismiss racism??? A fictitious organization? Do you have any idea how that sounds to anyone who has a clue as to what is taking place in reality? I guess not. Let me guess…you’re white, right? Otherwise, you would be more aware of what is actually going on and not making excuses and off the cuff suppositions to deflect from the perpetrators.

I wonder if you would be one of the people who opposed the original “antifa”, which was anyone who was anti-fascist during WWI and II, who opposed tyranny worldwide? That would most definitely include all of the US Military and anyone supporting them. So, my father for one. Constantly inferring people opposed to fascism are the bad guys is not really a good look. Are you aware of that?

So…it’s not a fictitious organization?

It’s really sad to see this comment upvoted. It’s like you opened canned thought and dumped on the plate. Either you are in complete denial about the amount of racism in this country that still exists, especially in places like the central valley, or you are just intentionally trying to spread nonsense. This kind of thing happened LONG before antifa was even a thing.

Racism is no doubt alive and well in our society, and across the world. However, it is not one dimensional like some think it is.

You claim: “I never judge who did anonymous acts until the whole story comes out.”

Yet you posted “False flag. Very often,…..” ” texas dem…” shows that was a lie.

A review of your comments shows you blame “the left” all the time.


This one incident is not the “very often” that you would like to make it out to be.

I’m surprised (not) that you admit to getting information from Murdoch’s NYP right wing false information racist tabloid gossip blog.

Facts matter, say what, facts matter.

So sad to see people who continue to be unable to accept the diversity of nature at this point in time. But it is not a shock to find such groups still exist. Especially in a community that I understand was initially established as a “whites only” town, which I believe to be the case of Atascadero.

Social disabilities such as racial prejudice tends to be passed down through families, who teach their children from a very early age to react negatively towards other human beings who are not of their color, culture, orientation, or whatever. They instruct children, who would otherwise be loving and accepting of other community members, to harass, attack, or otherwise harm groups and individuals for their differences.

This targeting behavior holds the whole community back from functioning at an optimum level. One would think that such dysfunctional attitudes would by now be a thing of the past, but they obviously persist, especially when there are others who share the problem and reinforce anti-social acts such as the disruption of council meetings and other events.

Atascadero is a lovely community with so much going for it. It is time for the handful of throw-backs to stop dragging it backward into the days of ignorance, prejudice and the Klan.

It was outside agitators that disrupted the zoom meeting Franny.

Well, ignoring the fact you can’t even spell my name correctly, I would have to say that I am struck by your assurance that these people are “outside agitators”. You could only know this so assuredly if you have a personal relationship with them. Obviously, the same goes for anyone else making such a claim.

So, are you saying this to infer that they are disrupting meetings to make racists look bad? Because that would be entirely unnecessary, as racists do a fine job of that all by themselves. Or should we pretend that there are no racists in Atascadero? I seem to recall signs being hung over the freeway by masked bigots, not that long ago, and more than once.

If you want to make your town look better, perhaps it would be more effective to discourage them, rather than pretend they do not exist. That only appears to be protecting them. Not a good look for you.

Many a supposition there Ms. Bologna. You have quite a passion for creative writing.

The fact that they “attended” via zoom, and have “attended” other city council meetings throughout the nation, makes it rather clear that they are not actually from Atascadero. Also, what happened in the early 1900’s has zero correlation to the beliefs of the city today! Most cities, counties, and states throughout the nation have a checkered past when it comes to the treatment of minority groups, whether it’s people of color, the Irish, Chinese, Japanese, or Jewish people (the federal gov hasn’t done so great either)!

You know what is a reflection of the town today? The masked morons who hung signs over the freeway, more than once, not that long ago.

Suggesting that zoom attendance definitively proves they are originating elsewhere is senseless, considering that there is a national problem, which would account for the other locations where this occurs and the fact that there is plenty of indication that Atascadero has its own issues. Do you make the assumption that all on zoom are from elsewhere because there are zoom meetings all over the nation?

Seriously. Just because other places also have problems does not change the fact that we have them here as well. Pretending they no longer exist does not make them go away. You can trust me on that. What it does indicate is that there is an interest in prolonging them.