Bankrupt solar company leaves Central Coast residence with liens

July 3, 2024


A company that installed solar panels and batteries on Central Coast rooftops at no cost to homeowners, Electriq Power, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy two months ago prompting an unpaid installer to put liens on multiple properties.

Electriq Power installed solar panels and batteries on rooftops in Santa Barbara County. But then, on May 3, the company filed for bankruptcy.

In response to the bankruptcy, a subcontractor that installed the solar panels and batteries, Axiom 360 of Grover Beach, put mechanics liens on homes in which it had not been paid, according to The Independent. Axion filed 24 mechanic liens from $5,000 to $12,000.


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Homeowners, always make sure whomever is working on your property is the contractor only. If it’s a sub then never pay the contractor without a lien release from the sub. Or write a joint check payable to the sub and the contractor. Axiom will get their money because the mechanic’s lien laws are clear.

I believed that even if only the contractor does the work, any employees who went unpaid can lien the property where they worked. I think the only real protection is to use licensed contractors who are bonded and insured. I once sued the insurance company of a bankrupt contractor and won.

So much for “cheap solar is the future”…

“It is unfortunate for the parties involved with the Electriq bankruptcy that includes Everbright (the consumer financing company), Santa Barbara housing, Axiom 360 and several other fulfillment contractors. Electriq has left quite a bit of damage to the community in their wake. We stand committed to providing renewable energy services to our community even through this painful time. At Axiom 360 we believe that with the help of the bankruptcy court, the consumer financing company, and Santa Barbara housing, this situation can be rectified. ” Brandon Hoffman CEO Axiom 360

No such thing as a free lunch or solar equipment.