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Proposed groundwater regulations will affect all residents

OPINION By LARRY and SUSAN MCGOURTY If you live in a city in San Luis Obispo County or live in the rural county and grow fruits and vegetables for family and friends and think the permanent water offsets and groundwater basin regulation proposals coming before the Board of Supervisors is not your fight, think again. […]... (Continue Reading)

Open letter to Senator Monning,

OPINION by LARRY and SUE MCGOURTY We are firmly against the formation of an “involuntary inclusion” Paso Robles Water District of any sort. First, it has not been demonstrated that an all-encompassing water district is either necessary or desirable. There is no incontrovertible scientific evidence that a long term basin-wide overdraft even exists. Recent studies […]... (Continue Reading)

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Who are you kidding Mr. Reaugh?

OPINION By LARRY MCGOURTY I read Mr. Reaugh’s latest “advertorial” for a water district with some bemusement. How a small band of elitists and a grass root organization so out of touch that its own membership is in open rebellion can represent the majority of anything begs credulity. Mr. Reaugh’s dismissive attack on the quiet […]... (Continue Reading)

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