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Lisa Rizzo

Lisa Rizzo is a professional freelance journalist for hire. Educated at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in California, she has a Bachelors of Science degree in journalism and is a member of The Society of Professional Journalists.

Rizzo is the former evening news producer of NBC affiliated television station KSBY-TV 6. She entered the field of journalism 15 years ago and has since acquired experience in nearly all forms of media.

Currently, as a regular freelance reporter for CalCoastNews, an independent investigative online newspaper, Rizzo has covered a variety of topics that have unveiled environmental crisis, financial fraud in the military, and corruption in government.

Lisa Rizzo offers a variety of writing and producing services for individuals and business:

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Princess Palms and beheadings: high times turn hairy

Actor turned developer John King and some of his early business investments in the 1960s, notably in Warehouse Sound Co. and California Cooperage, undoubtedly paid off big and afforded him with greater opportunities. But not everything King touched turned to gold. On a trip with a local doctor who wanted to buy property in the U.S. Virgin Islands, King was seduced by... (Continue Reading)

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The life and times of John King

Love him or hate him, it is indisputable John King’s ventures have in many ways helped restore the aesthetic glory to downtown San Luis Obispo and molded the local hospitality industry thriving today. But in these economically challenging times even the King himself could possibly face financial collapse. King, who often refuses to speak to media, sat down with CalCoastNews in... (Continue Reading)

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Two Central Coast community colleges rank high

By LISA RIZZO Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara City College are named today as two of the best community colleges in the nation, according to the non-profit Aspen Institute. The schools are now eligible to compete for part of a $1 million dollar fund, the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence […]... (Continue Reading)

California says pay up

California is trying to shame 250 businesses and people into paying their delinquent taxes, including two individuals from the Central Coast who combined owe more than $1.1 million. As part of its collection tactic, the state posted its annual list last week of delinquent taxpayers. Every debtor on this year’s list owes more than $300,000 in personal or corporate income tax. Dozens... (Continue Reading)

Man falls off cliff

A Shell Beach man is recovering from major injuries suffered after he fell from a cliff yesterday. Just before 4 p.m., Francois Hughes fell from the cliff to the beach. Police believe it was an accident but because of his injuries, Hughes could not explain what had happened. Hughes, who is in his early 40s, was rescued by Cal Fire and Pismo... (Continue Reading)

Manslaughter suspect arrested again

The man accused of killing two tourists in Pismo Beach last October during an alleged botched suicide attempt is back in jail. A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's deputy arrested Jerardo Iriarte, 20, on Sunday morning on the 2000 block of Laguna Negra in Arroyo Grande for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance. The Sheriff’s Department said they... (Continue Reading)

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Cars burglarized in San Luis Obispo

Police say numerous San Luis Obispo residents may have awoken this morning to find their car had been burglarized overnight. San Luis Obispo Police arrested 20-year-old Jeremiah Alvarez and a 15-year-old boy who they believe are responsible for the string of car burglaries that took place during the early hours of the day. Following a call from a concerned citizen who reported... (Continue Reading)

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PG&E tries to relax nuclear safety fears

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has succumbed to public anxiety following the Japanese nuclear disaster by asking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to hold off on renewing its licenses of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant until it completes more advanced seismic studies of the operation. “We recognize that many in the public have called for this research to be completed before... (Continue Reading)

San Luis Obispo gets more “happy” press

San Luis Obispo gets another plug as the nation’s happiest city--this time from one of the country’s leading newspapers, USA Today. The Central Coast city was featured in the life and travel section of Friday’s USA Today newspaper and can also be seen on the publication’s website which includes colorful photos and video. “The Happiest Town in the Whole USA is surrounded... (Continue Reading)

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Paso Robles lenders arrested for fraud and embezzlement

Real Property Lenders (RPL) of Paso Robles principals Rod Jarmin and Tammy Jordan were arrested this week for seven counts of fraud and embezzlement in connection with a scheme that allegedly swindled more than 700 investors out of $30 million. Jarmin, 72, plead not guilty Thursday in a San Luis Obispo courtroom to seven felony counts of the sale of securities... (Continue Reading)